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Article Summary

Short Term Drug Rehab

Short term drug rehab is any type of substance abuse treatment program which delivers treatment for 30 days or less. Treatment in a short term drug rehab will either take place in an inpatient facility such as a clinic or hospital, or a residential drug rehab facility. Short term drug rehab is a seemingly convenient treatment option because such a treatment plan is so brief, allowing an individual to get back to their daily routines in short order. However, 30 days may not be a sufficient treatment length for individuals who are dealing with extensive substance abuse histories or who are extremely dependent to drugs or alcohol. In such instances individuals who do choose short term drug rehab should consider remaining in treatment after the 30 days is up, if this is deemed necessary by treatment professionals or treatment clients feel they would benefit from further treatment. If individuals do not feel confident that they can remain abstinent once their short term drug rehab treatment plan is complete, they should do everything possible to remain in a drug rehab setting until they are confident. This may mean that the individual should transition into a long term drug rehab program, where they will typically remain in treatment anywhere from 90-120 days.

Detox is the First Step

In short term drug rehab and any other type of drug rehab program treatment counselors will first focus on helping treatment clients get to a stable point physically by helping them through detox. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol isn't always the easiest process, and it can be a challenge both physically and psychologically as the individual finds a way to cope through cravings and withdrawal. Aside from acute physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that the individual will experience there are also serious risks involved. Detoxing from alcohol in particular can be a very risky process, so individuals with alcoholism should never try and quit cold turkey on their own. It is not worth putting one's life at risk, and detox professionals understand the risks involved with any type of detox and how to avoid and manage more serious symptoms. Unbeknownst to many, withdrawal from prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines also carries risks which could be life threatening. So even if someone thinks they can detox themselves, it is better to be safe than sorry and get help instead.

Effectiveness of Short Term Drug Rehab

After detox in any type of drug rehab program which actually treats addiction treatment clients will receive counseling and take part in different types of therapy to discover the causes of their addiction, to prevent relapse when they leave drug rehab. Because a short-term rehab only lasts up to four weeks, individuals with serious physical and psychological dependence barely have the time to scratch the surface of these addiction issues. When left unaddressed and released prematurely from a short term drug rehab, individuals are left susceptible to the same problems and pitfalls as before. This is of course a situation which could be avoided entirely if treatment professionals are given the time to work with the individual to address these important issues. This is a primary reason why individuals looking for the best treatment option will want to honestly assess how much treatment they will actually need, and choose a long term drug rehab option if it makes more sense.

The likelihood of success in short drug rehab and the individual's continued abstinence when they leave is of course dependent on intensity of care and receiving the right type of treatment, and how much the individual is putting forth in terms of a dedicated effort to recover from addiction. There are never any guarantees, but if the individual in short term drug rehab wants to make a full recovery they will be open and honest with themselves and treatment counselors and make the most of their time in treatment. Luckily, there are many different types of short term drug rehab to choose from, not just the traditional 12-step method. So if someone has tried the 12-step route in the past and found it didn't work for them, or if they just want to try another approach, there are many alternative short term drug rehab programs available that are even more effective. No one should feel that they have to do 12-step because it is the old standby, when there are plenty of more effective drug rehab options out there.

If you need treatment or know someone who does, contact a treatment counselor at a short term drug rehab today to get your questions answered and get the process started right away.

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