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Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment for substance abuse is an approach which addresses the individual and their substance abuse issues physically, mentally and spiritually. Holistic treatment is an all encompassing process, and a holistic approach often doesn't follow the old and stale methods of labeling addiction as a "disease". Holistic treatment also steers clear of the ineffective "maintenance" programs such as methadone and buprenorphine which don't treat anything but simply give the individual something else to be dependent and addicted to. Holistic treatment offers hope that individuals can heal from the inside out and achieve a healthy body, mind and spirit as part of the treatment process.

Treating the Body and Mind

Holistic treatment is the perfect option for someone involved in substance abuse who wishes to take part in an alternative approach drug rehab. Time has shown that AA and many of the traditional programs simply don't provide lasting results in many cases, and a holistic approach has been proven to provide far superior long-term success rates. By holistic is meant treating substance abuse by considering and treating the complete person. So the goal of holistic treatment would be to first address any physical issues which could hinder treatment, and following this up with an extensive course of treatment which can help uncover and resolve the emotional and psychological issues which might be hanging the person up. Concurrent to these treatment tools being applied, holistic treatment may also include practices which may enhance one's state of mind during the rehab process including prayer, meditation, exercise techniques, etc. which have all proven very beneficial in complimenting any treatment program.

Holistic Treatment a Comprehensive Approach

Holistic treatment is a comprehensive approach, possibly far more comprehensive and effective that any other type of treatment program. For example, there are some treatment options which only address the physical such as detox only treatment. This type of program is in fact not treatment at all, and individuals who only become abstinent and detoxed have very poor long term outcomes. Most relapse in fact. Holistic treatment programs which incorporate a broad spectrum of treatment services to address and acknowledge the individual as a whole help the individual become much more focused and centered so that they can make a full recovery. So far beyond detox, treatment professionals in holistic treatment will ensure the individual has a myriad of tools at their disposal to heal from the inside out and, making treatment a much more productive process.

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