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List of Short Term Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities In Oakland, California

Continued Care Following Short Term Drug Rehab in Oakland, California

One of the benefits you stand to gain when you go through short term drug rehabilitation is that you can later transition into long-term rehabilitation. Therefore, this form of rehabilitation is appropriate for individuals in Oakland who have relapsed or are at risk of relapse because they can involve themselves in another sober setting and continue safely working on their addiction.

After you finish and leave a treatment program, it is highly possible that you will come across the same places where you used to abuse drugs or alcohol prior to going to rehab. This is because the same triggers - people, places, and things - that can influence you to start using again will still be there.

Considering it can be extremely challenging to shift back into a new sober life after completing long-term rehabilitation where you were able to concentrate on treatment and support for several months, you may feel that continuing on with short term drug rehab in Oakland, CA. may potentially help you maintain your newly found sobriety, control, and attitude against substance abuse.

Throughout short term drug treatment, therefore, you will learn how to have a more positive and healthy way of life regardless of any challenging situations you may encounter. The facility will also help you to learn to think and act differently - which could prove useful in making sure that you can handle any stress you encounter.

Other components of substance abuse rehabilitation and continued care include:

  • How to recognize triggers and avoid them
  • How to surround yourself with support through community groups, outpatient treatment, and stays at sober living facilities
  • How to create a more favorable environment at home and work

Last but not least, short term drug and alcohol rehab will have a wide range of rehab components that can help you utilize new skills in your life and continue living up to the new principles you learned once you leave the rehab program.

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List of Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities Serving the Oakland, California Area:

East Bay Community Recovery Project

East Bay Community Recovery Project
2577 San Pablo Avenue
Oakland, CA. 94612
Learn more about our history, mission, and where to find us. Read more with our articles, presentations, and frequently asked questions.

Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Long-Term Drug Rehab

Southern Alameda County Comite for Raza MH/El Chante Residential Home

Southern Alameda County Comite for Raza MH/El Chante Residential Home
425 Vernon Street
Oakland, CA. 94610
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Long-Term Drug Rehab

MPI Treatment Services Sutter Health

MPI Treatment Services Sutter Health
3012 Summit Street
Oakland, CA. 94609
Service Setting:
Hospital Inpatient, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Hospital Inpatient Detoxification, Hospital Inpatient Treatment, General Hospital(including VA hospital)

Friendship House American Indian Lodge

Friendship House American Indian Lodge
1815 39th Avenue
Oakland, CA. 94601
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Long-Term Drug Rehab

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