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San Gabriel, CA Drug Rehab Programs - Inpatient, Free, Detox and Outpatient Treatment

San Gabriel, CA has nearby treatment options including: 2 medicare programs, 2 inpatient drug rehabs, 4 drug rehabs that take private insurance like BCBS, 1 drug detox, 2 outpatient rehabs.

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Dr. Gina Jansheski, M.D.

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Renee Warmbrodt, RN, MSN, CPNP-PC

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Serving the San Gabriel, California Area:

    Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug DependenceCARF AccreditedSAMHSA

    drug treatment program - Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and CA
    1245 East Walnut Street
    Pasadena, CA. 91106

    Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and is 3.7 miles from San Gabriel, CA

    As everyone in our programs contributes in providing a safe and nurturing environment, each is expected to role model healthy behaviors for each other during the treatment process. In our social model settings, the emphasis of recovery is based upon the relationship between the participant and his or her environment (including other participants and staff as a whole). It is the collective and integrated team of employees and participants more than one individual member which creates the ideal social model environment. It is the healing created by everyone accumulated knowledge, collective experiences, and cohesiveness that make the social model process work.

    Aegis Treatment Centers LLCCARF AccreditedSAMHSA

    drug treatment program - Aegis Treatment Centers LLC CA
    11041 East Valley Boulevard
    El Monte, CA. 91731

    Aegis Treatment Centers LLC is 3.8 miles from San Gabriel, California

    We help you get off drugs. So you can get back your life. We are the largest outpatient center in California for heroin and opioid painkiller addiction �'' more than 9,200 people find the treatment they need and the support of over 600 staff members at our 31 clinics. So you can stop feeling sick and start feeling like yourself again, as soon as possible. Our comfortable and friendly locations bring together all the most successful treatments. All under one roof. Medical doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, and patient groups are all here to welcome you and support you. We meet the patient where they are. We see the whole person and work with you to create a personalized treatment, not an one-size-fits-all answer. We are with you every step of the way and it works. 80% of our patients are drug-free within 90 days. How does treatment work? We provide medication assisted treatment MAT using buprenorphine (Suboxone�'') and methadone. This puts an immediate stop to illicit opioid use and relentless withdrawal symptoms�''and puts the focus on recovery. Currently, there are 50,000 people in this kind of treatment in California. 50% medication. 50% counseling. We make treatment simple, personal and powerful�'' no judgment, just support. From counseling and therapy to education and groups, you don't have to do it alone. It takes a village. You will have a team to welcome you. Your admission assistant will privately walk you through the first steps. You will see our medical doctor who will evaluate and talk with you to answer all of your questions. You will have a special program, made for you, and the doctor will stay in touch with your progress. Patient-centered, to what each person needs. Outpatient, so your life isn't on hold. We start at whatever point you are, whenever you're ready, looking at you as a whole person. We answer everything. Everything is clear. We work with you to help you keep the freedom of your daily life including work, school and family. How long does it take? This depends on the person, the time span of addiction, types of drugs used and methods of use. However long you need, we are with you the whole way. 88% of our patients stop using illicit opioids within 90 days. Three out of four say their quality of life is better by 180 days.

    Casa Treatment CenterJoint Commission CertifiedSAMHSA

    drug treatment facility - Casa Treatment Center CA
    160 North El Molino Avenue
    Pasadena, CA. 91101

    Casa Treatment Center is 4 miles from San Gabriel, CA

    Casa serves over 300 adult women per year of all ages, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds, who suffer from substance abuse disorders and addiction. Casa is an abstinence-based treatment program built around the concept that everyone within the therapeutic community contributes to creating a safe environment that generates the opportunity for recovery in each woman. Our individualized treatment plans and therapeutic approaches are adapted to meet the needs and situations of the individual woman, her family, and the group overall, and to address other issues which precipitated or are related to her substance abuse problem.

    Gooden CenterCARF AccreditedSAMHSA

    alcohol treatment facility - Gooden Center CA
    191 North El Molino Avenue
    Pasadena, CA. 91101

    Gooden Center is 4.1 miles from San Gabriel, California

    Looking for Men's Alcohol Rehab? The Gooden Center is a specialized Residential Drug Rehab Centers serving Pasadena & Los Angeles.

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