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List of Short Term Substance Abuse Treatment Centers In Carlyle, Illinois

What is Short-Term Rehabilitation in Carlyle, Illinois

A short term drug and alcohol rehab is most appropriate for short term substance users or abuser's that desire to stop abusing drugs or alcohol but are having some difficulty doing so. When you use alcohol or drugs that are addicting even for a brief duration of time you can become addicted. Drug addiction exposes itself when you decide you are going to stop using the substance but you are struggling because of the physical and/or psychological withdrawal symptoms. If you use an addictive drug such as meth crack cocaine, heroin, lortab, ritalin, darvocet or any other addictive substances for even a short duration of time you may find it difficult to stop on your own. If this is the situation you find yourself in, a short term drug and alcohol treatment program in Carlyle can help you.

When you stop using addictive drugs suddenly you may develop what are known as withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can cause both physical and psychological symptoms such as weakness, shakiness, craving, clammy skin, sweating, feeling cold, watery eyes, agitation, irritability, excitability, delirium, restlessness, hallucinations, depression, severe anxiety, paranoia etc... Withdrawal symptoms can bring about compulsions to keep using the substance to ease the symptoms despite your intent to discontinue taking the drug. If this sounds like you or your loved one's situation, you could find recovery in a short term drug rehab program.

The initial step of a short term rehabilitation program for addiction is the detox process. Medical detox is a process that works to manage withdrawal symptoms with medications designed to safely and comfortably ease you off the drug. After detoxification is complete, you will be given therapeutic assistance and education in order continue on with your recovery so that you can live a happy, drug-free life. A short term addiction program in Carlyle, IL is typically 28 to 30 days but the end results can change your life forever.

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