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List of Short Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs In Dover Foxcroft, Maine

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Continued Care Following Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Dover Foxcroft, Maine

One of the benefits you stand to gain when you complete short term rehabilitation is that you can later ease into long-term rehab. Therefore, this form of rehabilitation is appropriate for individuals in Dover Foxcroft who have either relapsed or are at risk of relapse because they can involve themselves in another drug-free environment to continue safely treating their addiction.

After you complete a rehab program, it is highly possible that you will encounter the same places where you used to abuse drugs or alcohol before you went for treatment. This is because the same triggers - people, places, and things - that could prompt you to start using again are still there.

Considering it can be very challenging to shift back into a new sober life after completing long-term rehab where you were able to focus on treatment and support for a few months, you may realize that going to short term addiction treatment in Dover Foxcroft, ME. could potentially help you hold on to your newly found abstinence, resolve, and conceptions against substance abuse.

During short term treatment, therefore, you will work on how to have a more positive and healthy way of life regardless of any difficulties you may encounter. The treatment center will also teach you how to think and act differently - which could be extremely beneficial in ensuring that you are able to handle any stress you encounter.

Other elements of substance abuse rehabilitation and continued care include:

  • How to create a more favorable environment at home and work
  • How to recognize triggers and avoid them
  • How to surround yourself with support through community groups, outpatient treatment, and stays at sober living facilities

Finally, short term drug rehab will typically have a wide array of rehabilitation methods that will help you use new recovery skills in your life and continue living up to the new philosophies and morals you have learned after you check out of the rehabilitation program.

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List of Short Term Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities Serving the Dover Foxcroft, Maine Area:

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