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List of Long Term Addiction Treatment Centers In Orlando, Florida

The Advantages of Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Orlando, Florida

Since drug addiction and alcoholism are habitual and cyclic conditions, you will likely discover that you will only be able to succeed if you obtain professional help and comprehensive support by attending a long term drug and alcohol rehab program in Orlando.

Today, addiction treatment facilities offer numerous different treatment alternatives for those who are looking for rehabilitation - and these differ in duration and setting based on the specific needs and desires of the patients.

Even though you may find some sobriety by enrolling into short-term rehab lasting for 28 to 30 days, in many instances, you will find that long-term rehabilitation works better.

Understanding Long-Term Substance Abuse Treatment

Long term addiction rehab will offer you a safe and conducive setting where you can concentrate on conquering your substance abuse problem. While at the rehab you will be separated from your friends, home, and any other people, places, and things that could possibly cause you to start abusing drugs or drinking alcohol again.

During your time in treatment, you will also discover how to pursue rehabilitation and recovery by developing the coping mechanisms and recovery methods that will support your sobriety and abstinence long after you finish rehab.

Although you might be concerned that you will be away from your everyday lifestyle for such a long time, consider the many research findings that promote long-term drug rehabilitation and you will see that the time spent in one of these facilities will be well worth the effort.

How Long-Term Treatment Works

In many instances, long-term substance abuse rehab is designed to help you overcome your substance abuse by efficiently detoxing your body and mind of all the toxic substances you have been ingesting.

These programs will also help by teaching you how to deal with any triggers that could potentially prompt you to relapse. Therefore, you may find that this form of treatment will better help you to develop the recovery methods that will be beneficial when you must to preserve your sobriety when confronted by tempting circumstances.

These days, there are even high end, private rehabilitation programs that provide resort-like features, environments, and services. Choosing such a lavish program could possibly make it easier for you to battle your addiction.

Yet, if you lack the finances to afford these programs, then don't worry. Even a low-cost drug rehabilitation program in Orlando, FL. can work wonders if you stay in it for a long time until you are fully in charge of your life and no longer addicted to mind-altering substances.

Moreover, long-term rehabilitation programs will supply round the clock support, supervision, and maintenance by a team of highly trained, experienced, and licensed substance abuse professionals. As such, you will obtain all the assistance you need as you work on your recovery.

These facilities also function sort of like sober living homes - except that you will be monitored more closely to make sure you don't relapse and you receive more intensive therapy and counseling.

Although long-term treatment facilities range from residential facilities to hospital settings, they will all give you a safe and conducive atmosphere where you can concentrate on your recovery.

Long-term programs have also been evolving and many will offer different types of substance abuse recovery. You might, for instance, be able to find a long term drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that also incorporates holistic methods of substance abuse treatment, faith-based addiction recovery, among several other methods of treatment.

The facilities might also offer innovative new treatment therapies, relaxation therapy, nutritional services, exercise, and yoga to try and speed up your recovery while ensuring that you understand how to manage your addiction compulsions and overcome any urges you have to use drugs and/or alcohol. These services will additionally allow you to continue recovering emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically - typically resulting in better outcomes.

Also, the program will provide you with other relapse prevention methods to help you to stay clean and sober after the rehab is done. For instance, they may help you develop new career skills, learn how to manage your money and take charge of your finances, teach you how to preform well at job interviews, and help you to improve your hygiene, cleanliness, and appearance.

Since addiction affects many different areas of your life, it is crucial that you handle every aspect in regards to your substance abuse - over and above your physical dependence on drugs.

While working to make sure that addiction no longer has a hold over your life, therefore, long-term alcohol and drug rehabs in Orlando, Florida also focus on the mental and psychological attributes of addiction. This is why they perform various types of counseling and treatment.

The length of treatment will be different from one patient to the next depending on various factors. Some of these factors are, the seriousness and longevity of your addiction, the types of drugs you abused, as well as whether or not you may have a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring mental health condition arising from or exacerbated by your substance use.

Benefits of Long-Term Drug Abuse Treatment

Recent research studies have shown that addicts who stay longer in a treatment center commonly result in higher success rates. Thus, the longer you stay in the treatment facility, the smoother it will be for you to focus on recovery.

Long term substance abuse treatment in Orlando could also offer you more resources to learn how to support your recovery and manage any triggers that may occur in your fight against substance abuse and addiction.

Initially, the recovery program will work on physical detoxification. By so doing, it will clean out your body and mind of all intoxicating substances (as well as the remaining toxins) that you were using.

Finally, you will spend most of the remaining time in rehabilitation addressing all the underlying causes of your addiction. To this end, this form of treatment will put you in in a better position to work on all the factors that influenced you to using drugs to begin with. In the process, long-term treatment will teach you other coping mechanisms that you can utilize to keep yourself from slipping.

Generally speaking, long-term substance abuse rehabilitation is the best type of treatment especially if you have a long history of addiction and need more intensive treatment to overcome your condition.

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List of Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Serving the Orlando, Florida Area:

Department of Veterans Affairs Orlando VA Medical Center

Department of Veterans Affairs Orlando VA Medical Center
5201 Raymond Street
Orlando, FL. 32803
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Short-Term, Inpatient Detox, Outpatient Detox, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Regular Outpatient Treatment, General Hospital(including VA hospital)

Orlando Methadone Treatment Center Metro Treatment of Florida LP

Orlando Methadone Treatment Center Metro Treatment of Florida LP
1002 North Semoran Boulevard
Orlando, FL. 32807
New Season provides methadone and Suboxone treatment programs combined with addiction counseling. Find a New Season opiate treatment center today.

Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab

Bridges of America Inc Orlando Bridge

Bridges of America Inc Orlando Bridge
2025 Mercy Drive
Orlando, FL. 32808
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab

Fresh Start Ministries of Central FL

Fresh Start Ministries of Central FL
4436 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL. 32804
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab

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