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Weekend Drug Use

Hypothetically, an individual who only uses drugs on the weekends is not addicted to drugs. However, there is a high risk that they won't be able to go out or enjoy their weekend as much without using drugs.

When it comes to drinking alcohol there is a special category of alcoholics called periodic drinkers. These individuals drink for example, two weeks in sequence, then are sober for three months, then drink again.

It is important to note that those who use during weekends often find that it leads to abuse, and abuse can lead to dependence. XTC is known for that: people have to use XTC before they go out or they will not like the party they are at. XTC is less addictive and will therefore probably lead to minor consumption during the week. The use is and will always be related to going out. It is certainly harmful for the body and in particular the brain to use XTC every week.

A good question to consider if you think you might be addicted is do you think about using all the time, even during the time you are sober during the week. A non-addict who uses XTC will not think about it until he goes out again. Someone, who only drinks, smokes or gambles during the weekend, doesn't have to be addicted. If he/she doesn't think of it during the week, doesn't desire it and easily skips a weekend then there is not too much to worry about. When you use alcohol or drugs, or smoke cigarettes or gamble, it is good to look back at last year and ask yourself how you have handled your use. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • can I easily have a nice weekend without drugs?
  • do I do this to forget about negative effects from last time?
  • do I do this to make sure I have fun or to be in a good mood?
  • do I now drink, smoke or gamble more, or use more drugs?
  • do I think about it very often?
  • do my friends know how often I use, how much I use and what I do?
  • do my friends make comments on my use every now and then?
  • does my behavior influence other things (like school or work)?

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