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Article Summary

Marijuana use and driving

Marijuana drug is usually in the form of sweet and sour odor in the cigarette. Marijuana consists of active chemical like THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).To ingest marijuana most of the people choose smoking as a better and better option. But there are many more and several others to ingest marijuana; few use drugs in tea, baked cookies or Brownies. Before using this drug, it's much better being familiar about the serious effects that this drug usage may cause into the health of the person. People use it to feel relaxed from the stress. Due to this drug abuse people may suffer from lack of sleep.

In general marijuana is smoked using a pipe or a cigarette. The consumption and possession of marijuana are considered as illegal and banned, it's still prevalent among most of the teenagers and young adults. Use of marijuana shows not only negatively impacts on the health of the person, but also leads to some of the significant negative effects on his daily life.

Marijuana drug driving is a serious crime. Many innocent people died in marijuana drug related crashes every year. Marijuana drug slows down the brain, vision gets blurry, and body balance was not stable. So in a state like that no one can drive properly. Drivers with high blood marijuana drug content increase the chance of accident, injuries and vehicular deaths. In spite of well development the marijuana drug-impaired driving is still a serious problem where many people are affected.

Law on Marijuana Drug Driving

The law states that 80miligram of marijuana drug in every 100ml of blood, 107miligram in every 100ml of urine, 35miligram in every 100m1 of breath is the maximum marijuana drug limit that a driver can have.. The amount marijuana drug that can be drunk is not same for every person. It is dependent on the body, age, gender, stress level, age etc. Even a very small amount of beer can cause problem in driving. So the best way is not to drive when you are drunk.

Reasons for the Accidents

Marijuana drug affects the nervous system. The sensory nerve and motor nerves work very slowly. The message from the sense organs to the brain is transmitted very slowly than the normal time when a person is drunk. Sometimes double vision and blurred occurs that means ability to see thing is reduced. It also reduces the ability of multitasking. It is not possible to concentrate on the steering wheel and to check the speed.

Action Towards Drugged Driving

  • DUI courts, wellness court proved their effectiveness in this scenario.
  • Automatic license revocation is the most effective way to stop marijuana drug driving.
  • Expanding marijuana drug server training program.
  • Sentence to jail is also a great way teach lesson.
  • Enforcing ban on open containers reduce marijuana drug driving and saves lots of people.
  • On road arrest and will be prosecuted for 12 months and have to pay a fine up to &pound,5,000.

Ways to Avoid Marijuana Drug Driving

You can avoid marijuana drug driving by the following manner;

  • You can arrange your friends and tell them to find a designated driver.
  • You can take time to recover then you can drive.
  • Take the services that will take you and your car to the home.
  • Park the car and go home in public transports in the city.
  • You can call you friends or someone from family to come and take you to the home.
  • You should not marijuana drug more than 0.04 marijuana drug levels.
  • Try to have soft marijuana drugs or beverages.

There are many famous actors, sportsman, businessman who were punished due to marijuana drug driving.

Government has introduced many programs to make people aware of the fact about the marijuana drug driving. People of 18-25 old are maximum responsible for more than 10 % marijuana drug driving cases in America .Death and injuries are increasing over a three-quarters. Marijuana drug-related traffic accidents have dropped from 60% to 31% in 2010. People should also come up with protest against this. If you see any car weaving, window open in cold shivering weather, passing dangerously, forgetting to turn on light then give description of the car to the police as fast as possible. That can stop killing innocent people by marijuana drug driving and thus we can save thousands of life every year.

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