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Article Summary

Instant Drug Addiction

Instant drug addiction is a condition characterized by compulsive drug intake and craving.  It also includes a very intense seeking of drugs regardless of any negative consequences associated with drug abuse. Many individuals fall under the grip of drug addiction to escape reality or to artificially produce feelings of pleasure and the illusion of a stress free environment.  Drugs affect each individual differently, depending on many factors, many of which are unknown to the user at the time of abuse. This variable is one of the things that makes drug addiction so dangerous. 

No individual knows what kind of affect drugs will have on them prior to consumption.  Some users can use drugs periodically and never become addicted, while others are instant drug addicts beginning with the first use of a drug.  Drug addiction is characterized as a dependency on a drug for “normal” functionality.  This dependency can come in many forms; physical, emotional, and psychologically.

Two Componenets of Addiction

Addiction has two components which are physical addiction and psychological addiction. Physical addiction occurs when a drug has been used habitually and the body has become accustomed to its effects. The person must then continue to use the drug in order to feel normal because in the drugs absence the symptoms of withdrawal will be triggered.

Psychological addiction occurs when a drug has been used habitually and the mind has become emotionally reliant on its effects. This dependency is related to the need to elicit pleasure or relieve pain. The addict does not feel capable of functioning without it. Its absence produces intense cravings, which are often brought on or magnified by stress.

Instant drug addiction happens once the user introduces the drug into their system. Their brain adapts to the presence of that drug and acclimates accordingly. The addict no longer uses their natural means to produce the same feelings that drugs induce so rapidly.  Drug addiction is a challenge to overcome in large part because it takes time for the brain to be “re-trained” to function properly without the presence of the drugs it had depended on for the length of the addiction.

The affects of addiction are vicious because they severely damage areas of the brain that people need to think lucidly, act with good judgment and make productive decisions for themselves and their loved ones.  Recovery from instant drug addiction is a hard, long road, spanning the rest of the drug addict’s life. More often than not, recovery requires the drug addict to attend treatment centers multiple times during their addiction.

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