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Healthy Choices for Wellness

Be Active walk, garden, dance, frisbee, bike, swim, play baseball tennis volleyball

"Wellness" is healthy living that keeps our minds, bodies, and souls in balance. Wellness includes staying fit, eating nutritiously, maintaining good relationships, and being involved in rewarding work. Here are some specific things that help us live well.

If you already play sports or exercise regularly, you know the "rush" you can get from physical activity. Your body feels stronger, and your mind feels more alert and better rested.

Some of us don't like sports and exercise. It may help to think about what you do like to do, or just explore things that seem interesting to you. Walking on a stair climber may leave you bored, but walking or jogging through pleasant outdoors surroundings may seem more attractive. Take a friend for companionship! Are there any sports you like to watch that you might want to try? From lessons to team sports, many schools and communities offer a variety of inexpensive recreational activities. It's a great way to meet people.

Eat Well

Fruit, gourmet dinner, milk, going to restaurants, breakfast, juice, pizza, picnic

Eating can be a real pleasure, even when it's "healthy." Learn to enjoy eating well. Learn to cook. Have dinner with your friends. Appreciate your meals.

A word of caution for those of us who are tempted to overeat. When we eat too much we can feel bloated and unwell, and end up being an unhealthy weight. We need to learn to stop eating before we feel full, to give our stomachs a chance to catch up to our palettes. Wellness or medical clinics can offer assistance in learning healthy eating patterns.

See Friends

Talk, see a movie, dance, have coffee, write, hug, listen, volunteer, call

There are lots of things we can enjoy doing alone, but often it's more fun to share it with other people. Make regular time for your friends and family. Pick enjoyable things to do with them. Often the activity is less important than the chance to talk and listen with another person.


Sleep, meditate, daydream, read, nap, take a break, smell the flowers

Taking a break can feel great. Start by getting enough sleep every day. If you always wake up tired, try going to bed earlier. Some of us take time regularly to meditate. For others, quiet activities like reading, writing, or just sitting can be very relaxing. Naptime isn't just for children. If you feel tired, listen to your body and rest more.

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