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Article Summary

Who Uses Meth?

Meth or methamphetamine is a well known stimulant that falls in the amphetamine class of drugs. It is known to stimulate the central nervous system and is one of the most addictive psychoactive drugs that are available in markets around the world. Its chemical composition is n-methyl-1-phenyl-Propan-2-amine and it has many street names such as ice, meth, crystal meth, and glass among many others. Most commonly found as white crystals that can be smoked, injected, swallowed or even inserted into the anus. As such the drug does not have any major medicinal purposes and is a schedule II drug in the UN Convention on Psychotropic substances which means that it is illegal in pretty much every nation in the world.

Worldwide, meth in manufactured in meth-labs as they have popularly come to be known, these labs illegally synthesize the drug and sell it as a recreational drug. The labs vary in sizes and can also be small domestic operations taken up by addicts to support their own addiction. The production of meth itself is a highly contaminating process and can endanger the people involved and also people in close proximity to the labs. Meth is one of the most addictive drugs available on the streets. The relapse percentage of meth users is more than 90% in most cases and the withdrawal is also nothing short of torture. In extreme cases it can last for more than one year. The effects of meth are physical and psychological and are severe in most cases. The users of this drug face many issues like depression, suicide, heart disease, psychosis and violent behavior years after they have somehow managed to kick the habit. Meth is growing fast and spreading among more people, finding its way into people from all classes of society as it is easily available and is also one of the less expensive forms of psychoactive drugs.

Users of meth

The most common user of meth anywhere has to be a person with a lower than average income. It has been found that the rural and urban poor are highly exposed to the use of meth. However of late this trend has drastically changed all around the world and now people of different ages and classes have begun using this dreaded drug.

Meth is often abused by people who tend towards a completely druggy lifestyle. The high that this drug delivers is a lot longer than most drugs and the euphoric actions of this drug can last up to 12 hours. Besides that the drug also has a lasting effect in the wakefulness of the body. It greatly increases the physical activity of the body which leads to an elevated heart rate, increased BP, alertness and also an increase in body temperature.

People who are involved in the party/rave scene in cities around the world have many different names and terms related to meth and the different ways in which it is used. The people in the party scene often use meth and other stimulants such as LSD among many to increase their energy and also to give a boost to the euphoria. Besides that it is also used to heighten sexual activity among people of both sexes. The numbers also indicate that homosexuals have a greater risk towards meth abuse as compared to heterosexuals. In smaller dosages it is also known to give a boost to concentration and increases the energy levels in the body to people worn down with fatigue. People with tendencies towards depression and social anxiety disorders also get into meth and its other forms easily. It is also often abused today by students in colleges around the world. This group is one of the most sensitive among all and should be protected from this dreaded menace that is without a doubt a killer.

Females are also known to use meth as it is thought to promote weight loss but it is not true. What happens is that the hapless female falls prey to meth abuse and the weight that she apparently lost during the use of meth will be quickly regained by the body. The most common prey here is the young females who want to lose weight quickly. Unfortunately this is one shortcut that nobody should have ever taken.

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