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Article Summary

Different Types of Marijuana

There are many different forms of marijuana all coming from the cannabis plant. To begin with there are a huge variety of genetic strains of the plant itself. These have been developed over many years by cannabis growers to increase the potency of the drug. Cannabis growers often take two popular strains and breed them together to form a hybrid plant. This means that more and more strains of marijuana are being created each with a slightly different smell or effect. The most common reason for making hybrids is to increase the THC content. This is the chemical in marijuana that causes the high that the user is looking for. The higher the THC content the stronger the effects of the marijuana.

The Plant

The increase in THC content has over the years led to much stronger plants than would even have been found 10 years ago. It is because of this that the effects may be stronger, but this means the problems associated with marijuana use can also be much worse. The stronger the drug, the more damage it can do to the brain. This also leads people to become much more dependant on the drug than they would have done in the past.

We've talked about the different strains of cannabis plants above but there are also different ways it can be prepared for the user. The simplest way is just to dry out the buds that form on the plant. These can then be smoked either through a pipe a bong or in a joint. However many people prefer to smoke hashish which is specially prepared in a variety of ways to create different types of hash.


Hash is made by taking only the crystals containing the THC from the buds. This means the user doesn't have to smoke the entire bud they can smoke a more concentrated form of marijuana containing only THC crystals. The crystals are collected from the buds and subjected to pressure for a sustained period of time. This forms the crystals into a condensed block of hash that is smaller and easier to transport than the buds themselves, but contains a larger amount of THC.

Depending on how the hash is made it will come out in a variety of colours and textures. Squidgy black for instance is often mixed with other chemicals to make it more malleable. This creates a black hash that can be manipulated and rolled out so it's in a form more easily smoked. Pollen is another form of hash and is generally left pure and thus making it more of a sandy colour. It's also much harder than squidgy black so a flame must be used to soften the block meaning it can be easily crumbled into a powder.

Bubble Hash

Another form of hash that is gaining popularity amongst users is Bubble Hash. This is especially concentrated so that only a small amount is required to produce a very strong effect. Bubble Hash is made by putting cannabis buds through a long process involving increasing small meshes. The cannabis buds are placed in a bubble bag which contains a micron filter. This filters out any unwanted plant matter as well as chemicals which may have gotten into the plant. The bag is placed in a bucket of iced water and left for several hours which allows the bubble bag to filter the contents. Once this has been done the result will be a fine powder containing mostly pure THC. Most Bubble Hash will go through this process multiple times in bags with smaller and smaller micron filters.

The smaller the micron filter is the more concentrated the end result will be. This can lead to many ounces of the original cannabis plant being concentrated down into only a few grams of Bubble Hash. This form of marijuana is one of the strongest that can be made. It contains a huge amount of THC in only a very small amount of mass. This has caused users to end up getting a much bigger hit of the drug than they would from other forms of cannabis. Bubble hash makes it much harder to regulate the amount of marijuana taken and as a result the negative effects of the drug are also much more prevalent.

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