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Article Summary

The Cost of Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment costs the United States more than one half-trillion dollars per year. It has proven to decrease linked social and health costs, far more than the cost of treatment alone. Treatment is also cheaper than alternatives like imprisoning addicted individuals. For instance, the standard cost for one complete year of methadone treatment is around $4,650 per patient, while one complete year of incarceration cost around $24,000 per individual.

According to a few moderate estimations, each dollar spent on drug addiction treatment programs generates a return of four to seven dollars in decreased theft, criminal costs, and crime. Each time when savings linked to health care are involved, the amount of savings surpass costs by twelve to one. Important savings to the person and to society as a whole also comes from less interpersonal conflicts, decreased drug caused accidents, better workplace efficiency, along with less overdoses and deaths.

Is Drug Addiction Treatment Worth the Financial Investment?

During 2007, it was projected that the price tag to society of drug addiction was over $190 billion according to the NDIC, National Drug Intelligence Center. Most of the cost, $113 billion, is linked with drug-associated crime, counting the justice-system expenditures and fees accumulated by victims of crime. The price of drug addiction treatment, counting hospitalizations, health costs, and government directed treatment, was predicted to be over $14.5 billion, a portion of these are general community costs.

Drug addiction treatment is cost-effective in decreasing drug usage and generating savings in health care. In addition, treatment has consistently been proven to decrease the costs dealing with crime, forlorn creativity, and imprisonment through numerous populations and settings. The biggest financial advantage of drug treatment is seen in the costs of crime, meaning victimization and incarceration costs. Supplying methadone-treatment to opioid dependant prisoners before their discharge helps to decrease drug usage and avoids the increased imprisonment costs for drug-associated crime.

Even better financial rewards result from treating persons addicted to drugs with substance use disorders and transpiring mental-health problems. Residential prison-drug treatment is more beneficial if offenders continue treatment following release, according to research. Residential-prison treatment is more economical if offenders go to treatment drug courts, which results in positive economic advantages; including future crime costs, preventing imprisonment, and participant earned-wages.

What is the Price of Not Going for Drug Addiction Treatment?

There's no question about it, today's economy is tough. It's difficult to consider just about anything without thinking about the costs. Nonetheless, when a drug-addicted person has to budget for drug addiction treatment, they cannot permit themselves to become fanatical when personal expenses have to be considered. In spite of everything, left unimpeded, how much will having the drug addiction cost the person? What is it already costing them? How much will be shattered in the months and years ahead if the drug addiction is not treated? When considering the fees, it's easy to get lost in the big-picture and use the price of drug addiction treatment as a cope-out for not getting help.

Here are a few questions a drug-addicted individual can ask themselves concerning drug addiction cost:

  • -What is the cost for my drug addiction per week? Month? Year?
  • -What other things, besides money, are linked to my drug addiction?
  • -How has my drug addiction affected my loved ones?
  • -What price would I pay, at this moment, to be free of my drug addiction?

Funding Assistance for Drug Addicted Recovery

The good thing is that there is financial assistance for those seeking drug addiction treatment. Besides a few insurance plans that accept rehabilitation and recovery within their policies, there are public-programs available to offset the expenses of drug addiction treatments. Nevertheless, these programs frequently have extensive waiting lists, and because of a deficient amount of funds, only propose the least amount of services.

If rigorous in-patient drug addiction treatment is required, there may be other options available. For instance, there are court-ordered treatment programs that might be the last chance prior to a long imprisonment or some other radical move decided upon to protect society from the ravages of a person's drug addiction.

The gist of the situation is that an individual cannot begin adding the cost of drug addiction treatment without considering what it will cost them to sustain the addiction over the long-term. Not only as far as cash is concerned, but also health, relationships, valuables and common sense. After viewing the overall situation and balancing everything out, choosing to go ahead with drug addiction treatment is best for everyone in the end.

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