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Article Summary

Teen Drug Abuse and Use

Many teens experiment with illicit drugs daily around the world. While many of these teens may never take drug use beyond experimentation, there are many of them who are willing to continue using illicit drugs until the drugs have totally taken control of their lives. Because teens are too young to legally buy and use some drugs i.e. drink alcohol, such drug use can be defined as teen drug abuse.

Some of the most popular drugs abused by teens include; alcohol, marijuana and some prescription and over the counter drugs. Examples of over-the-counter drugs include drugs such as; cough syrups, inhalants and pseudoephedrine medication.

Parents who notice some changes in their teen daughter or son's life should step in immediately and set serious limits and boundaries. If by any case the drug abuse problem is in a worse state i.e. your son or daughter is already addicted, the ten drug abuse problem becomes more of a medical issue as opposed to being a disciplinary issue.

One of the appropriate measures and responses to take in such a case is to seek teen drug addiction treatment. There are very many different treatment options that range from weekly drug counselling sessions to full-time residential care. Teens with drug abuse problems at any level can benefit greatly by enrolling for such programs. These programs can even be tailor made to meet unique teen drug abuse situations.

Commonly abused drugs by teens

There are certain drugs that are more likely to be abused by teens than others. Factors such as accessibility, regional preferences among other factors play a crucial role in determining which drugs become more preferred by teens. Some of the most common drugs abused by teens include; alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, oxycontin, heroin, vicodin, ecstasy, crystal meth and inhalants. Drugs such as alcohol and marijuana are very popular among teens because they are legal in some areas. Also, these drugs are popularised by the media and celebrities as cool drugs. Teens are easily influenced which is why alcohol and marijuana are very popular among teens. These drugs are also cheaper and readily available compared to other drugs i.e. cocaine and heroin.

Common signs of teen drug abuse

You should never ignore the common signs of teen drug abuse. This is because drug abuse is very dangerous. Ignoring it only encourages teens to repeat the behaviour which in turn bring serious consequences. Uncontrolled teen drug abuse develops very quickly into addiction compared to adult drug abuse. This is because teens are young and not fully unaware of the repercussions of drug abuse. Teens abuse drugs mostly because of peer pressure. Their drug choice may therefore be very poor leading to very serious consequences that most of them are unaware of. It is therefore important for parents to be able to recognizing the common signs drug abuse to avoid being caught off guard. Common signs of teen drug abuse include;

1. New smells: Drugs such as marijuana, alcohol among other drugs have fumes that may be very pungent. Parents who fail to notice unfamiliar and strong smells in their homes i.e. teens rooms, possessions may miss on this common sign of teen drug abuse.

2. Personality changes: This is also a common sign of teen drug abuse. If your teenage son/daughter starts having mood and personality changes more frequently than usual, then this may be a sign of teen drug abuse. Extreme and sudden mood changes are common signs in most teens abusing drugs.

3. Behavioural changes: If your teenage son or daughter starts exhibiting secretive behaviour, becoming angry most of the time, lying e.t.c. without being provoked, then this might be a sign of drug abuse.

4. Change in interests: If you notice any sudden change in interest i.e. hobbies changing, losing interest in things preferred sports among other alarming interest changes then this is a sign that something else has become more important. As a parent you need to find out what the new interest could be because it is more likely to be drugs.

5. Change in friends: as mentioned earlier, teens can be easily influenced. If you notice your teenage son or daughter has changed friends, you should get concerned because they could have already been influenced to start using drugs.

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