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Article Summary

Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol addiction is a very serious and sometimes life threatening dilemma. Not only is it difficult for the addict, it is extremely hard on those around them who care about them. For the addict, admitting they have an addiction problem can be difficult. However painful this may be, it must be acknowledged as the first gradient to overcoming the problem. The next hurdle is being willing to seek & accept help from an addiction professional. It can be hard for an addict to confront the fact that they can not do it alone. Once this fact is accepted, it is time to seek the appropriate professional treatment. Drug rehab programs based on the social education modality are highly successful. This means that individuals who are recovering from Rohypnol addiction are not made wrong for their past indiscretions, but are taught how to avoid future ones. They are provided with knowledge on how to change their lives and how to live comfortably without Rohypnol. Receiving treatment for addiction should be done in a safe & stable environment that is conducive to addiction recovery. Research studies show that residential treatment programs of at least 3 months in duration have the best success rates. 3 months may seem like a long time, but one day in the life of an individual addicted to Rohypnol can feel like an eternity. Addiction is a self imposed hellish slavery. The chains can be broken people do it everyday. You can be free!

Rohypnol Treatment Options

Drug rehabilitation is a multi-phase, multi-faceted, long term process. Detoxification is only the first step on the road of addiction treatment. Physical detoxification alone is not sufficient to change the patterns of a drug addict. Recovery from addiction involves an extended process which usually requires the help of drug addiction professionals. To make a successful recovery, the addict needs new tools in order to deal with situations and problems which arise. Factors such as encountering someone from their days of using, returning to the same environment and places, or even small things such as smells and objects trigger memories which can create psychological stress. This can hinder the addict's goal of complete recovery, thus not allowing the addict to permanently regain control of his or her life.

Almost all addicts tell themselves in the beginning that they can conquer their addiction on their own without the help of outside resources. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. When an addict makes an attempt at detoxification and to discontinue drug use without the aid of professional help, statistically the results do not last long. Research into the effects of long-term addiction has shown that substantial changes in the way the brain functions are present long after the addict has stopped using drugs. Realizing that a drug addict who wishes to recover from their addiction needs more than just strong will power is the key to a successful recovery. Battling not only cravings for their drug of choice, re-stimulation of their past and changes in the way their brain functions, it is no wonder that quitting drugs without professional help is an uphill battle.

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  • Facts about Rohypnol

    Q) What is Rohypnol?

    A) Rohypnol also known as Flunitrazepam is a benzodiazepine that is used in the short-term treatment of insomnia and as a sedative hypnotic and preanesthetic medication. It has physiological effects similar to diazepam (commonly known by its trade name, Valium®), although Rohypnol is approximately 10 times more potent. Rohypnol neither is manufactured nor sold legaly in the United States. It is produced and sold legally by prescription in Europe and Latin America. The drug usually is smuggled into and transported within the United States through the mail or delivery services.

    Flunitrazepam-marketed under the trade name Rohypnol-is manufactured worldwide, particularly in Europe and Latin America, in 1- and 2-milligram tablets by Hoffman-La Roche, Inc., a large pharmaceutical manufacturer. However, the drug neither is manufactured nor approved for medical use in the United States.

    Q) What does Rohypnol look like and how is it used?

    A) Rohypnol is typically sold in its original bubble packing, conveying a sense of legality and security in its use. The perceived safety of the drug along with the trend of use in combination with other substances, creates the possibility of Rohypnol becoming a gateway to harder drugs.

    Rohypnol is ingested orally, frequently in conjunction with alcohol or other drugs, including heroin.

    Q) What are the effects of Rohypnol?

    A) Adverse effects associated with the use of Rohypnol include decreased blood pressure, memory impairment, drowsiness, visual disturbances, dizziness, confusion, gastrointestinal disturbances, and urinary retention. Paradoxically, although the drug is classified as a depressant, Rohypnol can induce excitability or aggressive behavior in some users.

    Q) Is Rohypnol addictive?

    A)The use of Rohypnol itself is dangerous, leading to physical and psychological dependence, which increases with dose and duration of use.

    Q) What are the slang terms used for Rohypnol?

    A) Some nicknames used for Rohypnol are: rophy, circles, Mexican valium, rib, roach-2, roofies, roopies, rope, ropies, ruffies. Being under the influence of the drug is referred to as being "roached out." In Texas, Rohypnol is called "R-2," or "roaches."

    Q) Can you overdose on Rohypnol?

    A) Lethal overdose is unlikely but possible. However, continued use will result in physical dependence.

    Q) What is the extent of use of Rohypnol?

    A) In the United States, Rohypnol is used widely in Texas where it is popular among high school students. Rohypnol is reported to be readily available in the Miami area, and epidemiologists from that area have stated that it is South Florida's fastest growing drug problem. Additional reports from Miami indicate that the largest and fastest growing groups of Rohypnol users are high school students who take the drug with alcohol or use it after cocaine ingestion. Two common misperceptions about Rohypnol may explain the drug's popularity among young people: first, many erroneously believe that the drug is unadulterated-and therefore "safe"-because it comes in pre sealed bubble packs; second, many mistakenly think its use cannot be detected by urinalysis testing.

    Illicit use of Rohypnol originated in Europe in the 1970s and has increased worldwide since then. However, the substance did not appear in the United States until the early 1990s. In 1992, a South Florida hotline began receiving calls reporting occasional to chronic abuse of the drug. Around the same time, the drug appeared in Texas as well. Today, use of Rohypnol is one of the fastest growing drug problems in both areas. In addition, the drug appears to be spreading across the United States. As of April 1995, the Drug Enforcement Administration had documented over 1,000 cases of Rohypnol possession across 13 states.

    Rohypnol use by youths of all socioeconomic status has been reported. The inexpensive cost, ranging from $2 to $3 per pill, attracts young users. High school students report use of the drug as a cheap drunk and as a cure for alcohol hangovers. Typically, however, Rohypnol is used along with alcohol and other drugs. College students using Rohypnol report mixing it with beer to enhance the feeling of drunkenness. It has also been reported to be used in combination with marijuana and cocaine, as well as heroin. Rohypnol use appears to be spreading in the United States among high school and college youth. In some areas, it is associated with gangs, and it is becoming known as a club drug.

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