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Article Summary

Marijuana And The User's Mood

There is a clear link between marijuana and the user's mood and the link shows that even though the drug may at first make the person feel happy and quite loving, this can change when that initial euphoria starts to wear off. It has also been shown that regular use of marijuana can cause long-term psychological damage with this also having an impact on their mood, but what are the actual changes that may occur due to taking this particular drug?

Marijuana Effects on the Brain

Clearly our mood is linked to our brain and it, therefore, makes sense to quickly look at what marijuana does to our brain in order to help us to start to understand how it can then alter our mood. First, the marijuana, or to be more exact the chemical THC, stimulates the region of the brain that is linked to pleasure and it encourages it to release more dopamine and this is seen as being the reward system in the brain. When this is released we feel good and this creates the high feeling, but it is once the level of dopamine decreases that the mood of the user can start to change hence them needing to take more of the drug in order to stop these feelings and the addiction to marijuana has really then begun.

After this high, people will often feel an increase in their anxiety levels as well as feeling paranoid and generally on edge, but this is only seen as a short-term effect linked to the decrease in the dopamine levels and after a period of time this feeling should, in the majority of cases, go away. The real issue is with those people that take marijuana on a regular basis because it is with them where mood swings and these feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and even depression really can play a role in everyday life with potentially disastrous consequences for everybody involved.

Increased Anxiety and Depression

Studies have shown that people that take marijuana on a regular basis are four times as likely to develop depression and other mental illnesses than those that do not and clearly this does tie in with the mood of the person changing in general. Further studies have shown that teenagers that take marijuana at least once a week are also twice as likely to develop anxiety related mood disorders at some point in their life and there is also the potential for them developing schizoid related disorders later on as well and clearly then the potential for suicidal thoughts is also increased due to the way in which suicide is linked to some of these mood disorders.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are also a real problem for a regular user and they tend to occur when the person does not have the same amount of the drug in their system or when they have taken less than normal over a certain period of time. These mood swings can be violent in nature as the brain and body craves the release of dopamine in order to get that high feeling, but it also triggers off the release of further chemicals in the brain due to the increased anxiety levels caused by the need to have some of the drug in the body.

The reason why there is such a strong link between marijuana and an user's mood is that the brain is not designed to feel euphoric every minute of the day, so taking marijuana on a regular basis is causing your brain to do something that is actually bad for it. This then causes a false perception of what is actually going on, so when that euphoria dies the brain is unable to cope with reality as it is now dependent on this high feeling and it is this that then leads to anger and violent mood swings.

Those are the links that exist between marijuana and the user's mood and you can see how the initial high feeling is replaced by something that is far darker not only for the user, but also the people around them. Clearly the only way to prevent this from happening is to stop taking the drug and even though you may be unable to reverse the psychological damage that has been caused by marijuana, at least by stopping means you can prevent it from getting any worse at this moment in time.

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