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Article Summary

Getting off Drugs and Alcohol

Getting off drugs and alcohol has more to do with personal choice compared to the effects the drugs and alcohol have on a person. It is however harder than it sounds to make a decision to get of drugs and alcohol as an addict. It is more about making a decision and sticking with it. It is important to note that there are some factors that come into play. For instance, the kind of drug/s you are addicted to plays a very important role. Each drug i.e. alcohol, hallucinogens e.t.c. has its own addictive unique addictive qualities.

For instance, it is easier to get off drugs such as marijuana compared to getting off hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine. As mentioned above, it all depends on you. You have to be in the right mind frame to be able to successfully get of addiction to any drug. You can then seek numerous drug addiction alternatives available. It is important to note that all these alternatives have their own challenges. For instance, attending a drug program has its own challenges i.e. if you don't like sharing your problems with others, then this program may not be the best for you. All in all, you can still get off alcohol among other drugs if you first set your mind. Below are some important tips to consider when getting off drugs and alcohol.

Find a higher power

As mentioned above, you must set your mind and develop a strong mind frame to succeed getting off drugs and alcohol. This requires you to find a higher power. For instance, you can decide to become more religious i.e. pray to God more often. It is important to note that getting off drugs comes with serious withdrawal effects. You must therefore find a higher power to connect with when you face trying times. According to researchers, prayer can help a lot in fighting addiction. It can help you develop discipline which is important in keeping you focused to stopping drugs.

Make new friends

This is also a very important tip to consider. You must make new friends if you want to be successful in getting off drugs and alcohol. Your old friends are the ones responsible for getting you hooked to drugs and alcohol. It might be hard to understand this fact but it is the truth. Most if not all drug addicts have friends who use drugs. You need to get rid of such friends because they will make it harder for you to get off drugs. Friends play a crucial part in getting people hooked to drugs. For instance, they influence people into trying out drugs.

They also offer drugs and provide the relevant moral support i.e. justifications as to why certain drugs are good. You might think that all your friends are good however this is not usually the case. Most of the friends you make as an addict are not your real friends. They are with you because of something they are getting from you i.e. to sell you drugs or to get comfort for a fellow addict. In simple terms, you must get rid of all the friends you made while you were using drugs to succeed getting off drugs completely.

Examine the positives

Another important tip to getting off drugs is concentrating on the positive aspects of getting rid of your addiction problem. For instance, when you stop using drugs, you will have more money to spare because you don't need to keep spending thousands of dollars monthly on drugs. You will also feel better about yourself which is one of the important benefits of getting off drugs. Drug addiction is associated with feelings such as uselessness which can shutter you as a person completely. Getting of drugs and alcohol will help you feel better about yourself i.e. you feel more worthy, you regain confidence in yourself and your unique abilities.

Seek help

This is also a very important tip for getting off drugs. It is very hard to get rid off addiction on your own. This is because drugs interfere with the normal functioning of your brain. Getting off drugs and alcohol especially addiction therefore becomes more of a medical issue as opposed to a personal issue. You must therefore seek help i.e. go to rehab or attend drug addiction programs to successfully kick off your drug problem.

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