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Article Summary

The dangers of drug dealers

One of the biggest dangers when getting involved in drugs is something that is more often than not overlooked. That is the involvement of drug dealers when trying to purchase any form of illegal substance. Finding a drug dealer is not as easy as looking one up in the phone book, you have to hear about them through word of mouth. What this means is that a drug user has very little choice about who they go to when purchasing drugs. Sometimes you may find someone who sells a drug that is of good quality and who doesn't cause any problems. However more often than not when buying drugs you'll be faced with someone who may be violent and untrustworthy. This is simple because the majority of drug dealers are involved in a variety of criminal activity not just the sale of illegal substances.

How do Drug Deals Happen?

Many drug deals are done through a chain of command. The person at the top buys the drugs from their supplier and then splits them up into smaller amounts which are distributed for people on the streets to sell at a profit. This means a lot of money is being made by the person at the top and this is often where the funding comes for other criminal pursuits. It's not unusual for the most successful drug dealers to also be involved in the horrifying trade in people trafficking. This is something that everyone should be aware off so they know that by buying drugs they could be supporting such a horrible practice.

These aren't the only things to worry about when getting involved with drug dealers. To make more of a profit most of these people will cut their merchandise. What this means is that they will mix the drug with something much cheaper that looks the same. For instance Cocaine is often mixed with talcum powder because they are both white powders and it's hard to distinguish between the two. A gram of cocaine may actually have over half a gram of talcum powder mixed in so that the drug dealer can sell twice as much and make more profit. The reason this is a problem is because drug users are then unknowingly ingesting even more toxic chemicals which can cause serious health problems. Talcum powder might not be that bad but it certainly won't do you any good and often the chemicals can be far more dangerous. There have even been reports of dealers using things like rat poison to cut their drugs causing the users to become seriously ill and sometimes die. Taking illegal substances into your system can be dangerous enough without the added problems of unknown chemicals being added to the drugs.

Uncut Drugs

Having uncut drugs can often be just as dangerous as having drugs cut with other substances. This is due to the fact that the majority of drugs are relatively impure due to this practice of cutting. This means drug users become used to their drugs being of a certain strength and take more to get the same hit. When an user comes across a batch that is uncut and therefore much stronger they will have no idea how much too take. Their body will be used to taking in a small amount of the drug mixed with other chemicals. When getting drugs that are uncut they will likely take the same amount but it will be far stronger than expected. This is the most common cause of heroin overdoses. Users get used to taking large amounts of very weak heroine and then they purchase some uncut heroine. They take the same amount but the strength of the uncut drug is such that it causes an overdose and their body shuts down. This can happen with most drugs and is a huge danger to regular drug users.

Another common practice amongst dealers who sell Class A drugs is to provide drugs on credit to their most frequent customers. They do this to encourage addiction meaning the user will continue to come back, perhaps for years in the future. Once the user is hooked the dealer begins to charge very high prices. This forces the user to spend all of their money to be able to afford the next hit which they now need due to their addiction. This is a very easy situation for a drug user to find themselves in but it can be incredibly damaging to their life and it is almost impossible to break the cycle.

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