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Article Summary

Prevent Alcohol and Drug Addiction before it Kill you

Influence of drugs and alcohol may have a strong negative influence on your lifestyle. The addiction leads to abnormal living habits, miscommunication between you and your family and a total cutoff from your normal routine life. This may often invite serious ill effects such as trauma, split personality disorders as well as depression and is severe as well as life-threatening in the long run. It is a necessity of the time to understand about the effects of addictions caused by alcohol and drug and prevent yourself from these substances before they kill you.

Alcohol Addiction

One of the most common phenomenons of the world, Alcoholism, popularly known as Alcohol Addiction is a major problem faced by majority of people in the world. With absolutely no ban on the consumption of liquor, other than mandating the acceptable age to consume it as 18 years, it is a normal tendency for anyone to get addicted to this.

Drug Addiction

Recreational or prescription drugs, when taken in overdose, lead to drug addiction. There are various drugs that have already been listed as abusive in nature and hence taking them in a larger quantity, then prescribed by the medical expert may lead you to get addicted to them. The drugs are generally taken when you are suffering from some kind of pain and works on stimulating your brain towards a sense of euphoria by relieving you of it. A person therefore feels that the drug is only helping him get rid of the pain, where in actuality, the person slowly gets addicted to it so much that even without any pain or suffering, he will get an urge to take the drugs.

Effects of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

One can easily understand whether he is under the influence of drug and alcohol addiction or not. For instance, one must see whether he is able to lead a normal life without the consumption of liquor and the drugs or not. There are certain signs and symptoms that can show this:You will start coughing for no reason.Blood will come out occasionally from your nose and mouthYou will feel drowsy and will lack any interest to workHallucinations will start occurringEyes will get red just like thatThere will be infections all over the skinPungent smell will keep coming from the bodyThere will be hair loss problemsOne would not be able to sit stillA sense of euphoria will keep ushering inFeeling of being secluded from the restLack of self confidenceA sense of depressionIn acute cases, split personality disorders may take placeA person who is severely under the addiction can even fall into coma

If you are suffering from these symptoms, you are strongly under the influence of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and its time you do something about it. You must remember that drug and alcohol addiction is not as serious as drug or alcohol abuse, where a patient needs to undergo extensive mental and physical therapies to get completely cured and therefore its treatment is not impossible.

Addiction Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Addiction is preventive. As mentioned earlier, unless you are under Drug and Alcohol abuse, there is almost no reason to worry. There are various treatments that are available through which one can easily get rid of this problem. Some of the most commonly found treatments are listed below:

1. If you tend to leave the substances at once, you can be harming yourself. Instead, keep on reducing the amount of the drug or alcohol every day I small quantities so that you start becoming less dependent on them.

2. Start socializing with friends and families and do not be secluded. In this way, you will not keep on thinking about the withdrawal and hence will eventually get rid of this.

3. There are various Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers that will ensure that you will not only get rid of the problem, but also see to it that you do not get accustomed to it again in the future.

You should always remember that Drug and Alcohol Addiction is something that not only affects you, but your family and friends as well. It is recommended that you should share this problem with them. With proper treatment, you will be cured of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and will be able to lead a normal life again. By the way, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and lead a happy and fit life forever.

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