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Article Summary

How to choose a center for drug rehab for a loved one.

If you are looking to find a rehab center for a loved one, you will have a wide variety of options available. It's important that you know this is a big decision and one that should be made with a lot of research. Since there are so many different centers for drug rehab, many of them have unique programs and options available. Some of them are also more suitable for certain types of addictions because of the staff they have. The good news is you can do all the research needed online so you can find a place as soon as possible.

Length of Stay

All facilities are different with the types of patients they take in. Some take people for just a short stay while others are long-term treatment centers. It's important to call and ask this ahead of time if you are considering one or two places in particular.

Cost of Facility

While it would be nice if the cost of drug rehab was free, this is not the case. You should get prices from different centers you are considering so you can compare each of them. This is especially important if you are on a tight budget and don't have a lot of wiggle room. You can also inquire about places that offer financing, which can mean getting to choose the facility that you feel best about. Sometimes insurance is accepted as well, which can really help bring down the out-of-pocket cost you endure.


The employees that work at these centers should be properly trained to work with individuals who are rehabilitating themselves. This means certified nurses, licensed doctors and accomplished therapists. By asking about the employees that will be working with your loved one, you can feel more comfortable knowing they are in good hands. Professionals who are experienced and educated are much more suitable for rehab facilities. They need to understand how individuals might act and how they need to be dealt with. This understanding can help a lot of issues be avoided in the future.


Read online reviews for the rehab facilities you are thinking about going with. There are a lot of different review websites and each of them will have unique reviews. You might find out that a center you were thinking about choosing is actually not very good at all because the doctors are not careful. You could also find out about a center you otherwise wouldn't have known about. Online reviews are easy to find, free to read and accessible from your home computer.


Not all rehabs offer detox for their patients. If you have a loved one who needs to go through the detoxification process with professionals; only choose a facility that offers this. When they go to the right type of center they will be able to take medication to help with the symptoms and get advice from trained professionals. Most places do offer this, so just ask around and you should find a lot of different options.


The programs that are offered at rehab will differ based on the place itself. Some offer more specialized programs while others just offer the basic recovery options. You should choose the place your loved one goes to based on what type of addiction they are recovering from. When you call and ask questions you can tell the center about your loved one and see which types of programs they have in particular.

Personalized Service

It's also important that each person be treated as an individual while they are inside of rehab. This helps to make sure that no patients are having symptoms or problems that are being ignored. Some rehabs will offer family therapy while others will offer more advanced levels of treatment.


The rules of each of these centers are going to vary; some might be stricter than others based on the patients they admit. For example, some places don't allow family to visit for the first month. Other places might take away all contact from the outside world for the person who is seeking help. Rules are set in place to ensure the person getting treatment doesn't have any temptations when they are most likely to relapse.

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