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Article Summary

Information About Marijuana

Are there different types of Marijuana? This is a question that many people ask, and the answer is yes there are many different types of Marijuana. Read on to find out the different types of Marijuana, as well as other information relating to the drug.

Types Of Marijuana

As mentioned above there are many different types of Marijuana, but the different strains of Marijuana will usually fall into two different categories. The two categories that most Marijuana will fall under are Indica and Sativa. Some of the different types of Marijuana are California Skunk, Big Bud, Purple Power, PPP, Blue Mystic, Mango, K2 and Orange Bud. There are many more types, but the ones just described are some of the most popular types of Marijuana.

Even though there are many different types of Marijuana, the drug's effect on a person will typically be the same. Some types of Marijuana may be a little bit stronger than other types.

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is something that many people suffer from. One of the most common signs that a person will show when they are addicted to the drug is tolerance. This means that a person will need to do more and more of the drug in order to feel the drug's effect.

A person may also have mood swings when they do not have access to the drug. Another sign of that a person is addicted to the drug is a reduction in activities. Many people become less and less active because they want to only do activities that involve smoking Marijuana.

Another sign of a Marijuana addiction is that a person will use the drug to as an escape, or as a way to relax. Many people, who are addicted to the drug, think that they need the drug in order to relax and they believe that smoking Marijuana is the only way they are able to relax.

Signs Of Marijuana Use

There are a few signs a person may show when they are using the drug. Some people who do the drug will experience a rapid heart rate. A person may also have an increased appetite. Many people who use Marijuana will have an increased appetite, which is also known as the 'munchies'. Red eyes and dry mouth are also common signs that a person is using the drug. Other common signs that a person will usually exhibit is an increased breathing rate as well as increased blood pressure.

There are also psychological effects that a person may experience while using the drug. Paranoia is one of the most common side effects that a person will experience while they are smoking Marijuana. Short term memory loss is a serious side effect that some people experience. People who use the drug may also end up suffering from anxiety and depression. However, most of the side effects that a person experience are only short term side effects, and most side effects will ease within a few hours of the last time a person decided to do the drug.

Marijuana Treatment And Withdrawals

A person who seeks out treatment will find that there are no medications on the market that will help them quit the drug. Most treatment programs will consist of different types of therapy.

Most people who develop an addiction to the drug will just quit the drug on their own accord. When people quit the drug or when they are not able to do it, there are some common withdrawal symptoms they may experience, such as a decreased appetite. Many people will find that they do not want to eat as much as they did while they were using the drug. A person may also start to feel depressed soon after they decide to stop using the drug. Not only will a person probably experience depression, but they may also become anxious as well as aggressive. These are just some of the common withdrawal symptoms that a person can expect to experience when they stop using the drug.

If anybody is interested in quitting Marijuana, then they should seek out help and see what types of therapy programs they can join. The sooner a person receives help, the sooner they will be able to quit the drug.

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