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Article Summary

About Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are grown in the wild and their active ingredient is psilocybin; when eaten, brewed or cooked, these various types of mushrooms have been reported to create hallucinogenic effects that are similar to LSD. The two primary types of mushrooms that are commonly available in the U.S. are reported to be Psilocybe Semilanceata, which is also sold under the name of "liberty cap" on the street; the second most popular mushroom is the most potent variety of mushrooms, which is known by Amanita Muscaria, but is also commonly termed "fly agaric." There are many street names for mushrooms, which include, but may not be limited to: freedom caps, shrooms, Amani, magic mushrooms, golden tops, liberties, magics, mashies, and agaric.

Amanitas mushrooms have commonly been reported to be poisonous and the use of this potent variety of magic mushrooms could potentially result in death. Some other mushrooms that may cause a number of dangerous side effects include datura, which is derived from the belladonna plant and is most commonly reported to be grown throughout rural areas of the country of Australia. Magic mushrooms are grown naturally, and their strength will vary according to how fresh they are and in which region they have been grown. Because there are hundreds of varieties of magic mushrooms that are reported to be highly poisonous, a person who is picking them will often have the impossible task of making sure that they are choosing mushrooms that are not toxic; mistakenly eating poisonous mushrooms can cause permanent damage to some of the major organs of the body, such as the kidneys and the liver, and could result in death.

Many individuals in the United States that are users of magic mushrooms will purchase them over the internet to be conveniently delivered to their front door, Magic mushrooms are used for their hallucinogenic effects, which have been reported to occur within 20-30 minutes after a person has ingested them; on the other hand, it could be several hours before a person who has ingested magic mushrooms begins to feel the effects from them.

Mushroom Side Effects

The side effects that are related to ingesting psilocybe or amanita muscaria mushrooms could be different for each individual depending on their weight and how many that they have ingested. Some of the most common initial side effects that have been reported to occur with the use of magic mushrooms could include feeling extremely tired, stomach pain, dizziness, light headedness, numbness of the tongue, lips or mouth, mental confusion, nausea and vomiting, chills, and disorientation; other side effects of mushroom use can include extreme mood swings, dramatic visionary changes, changes in hearing, taste and in things that the user touches, and feeling apart or out of touch from their physical surroundings.

Because magic mushrooms are classified as hallucinogens, a person can begin to "trip" after ingesting them; "tripping" generally consists of the user experiencing hallucinations while they are under the influence of mushrooms, which could seriously alter their perception in regard to time and in relation the environment around them. The worse thing about the hallucinogenic side effects that are commonly related to mushroom use is that people will often experience the effects of them (flashbacks) for up to several years after they have quit using magic mushrooms. Flashbacks from former mushroom use can be triggered by the use of alcohol or various other types of drugs or could even be brought on by exercise; these flashback episodes have been reported to range from being mildly pleasant to creating extreme anxiety in a person, and have been reported to last for up to several minutes.

Another dangerous side effect of the often potent magic mushrooms is that ingesting them could further complicate any type of a pre-existing mental health condition. There have been a number of incidents throughout the United States in which people have mistaken poisonous mushrooms for ones that contained psilocybin; unfortunately, many of the people who ate these toxic mushrooms were reported to die shortly after ingesting them.

Mushroom Addiction

Although the use of magic mushrooms have not been reported to be physically addictive, many users have reported feeling compelled to continue to use mushrooms, despite the negative consequences that were related to such a choice; thus, is a common characteristic of addiction, and presents a conclusive case for the use of mushrooms being psychologically addictive. Developing a tolerance to magic mushrooms can occur very quickly, as is the case with other types of hallucinogen drugs, such as LSD. The inability to stop using any substance at will is a common hallmark of addiction; thus, the individual who wishes to discontinue the use of magic mushrooms should seek professional drug treatment.

Mushroom Withdrawal

Although there are no reported physical withdrawal symptoms that have been reported with the use of magic mushrooms, many long -term chronic users have reported that they have experienced an intense craving for them when they have tried to stop using them; for this reason alone, a person who is wishing to detox from magic mushrooms, should attend a drug treatment center, so that they can have professional support.

Mushroom Overdose

Although an overdose of mushrooms that contain psilocybin may cause the user to begin hallucinating, it is highly unlikely that it would be lethal; this is because there are fewer amounts of lethal compounds in psilocybin mushrooms than in many other different types of recreational drugs. If a person does ingest too many mushrooms they may begin to feel invincible, and could become delusional. The danger that is related to using mushrooms is commonly associated with the psychotic episodes that can occur upon ingestion; it is at this point, that a person who is under the influence of mushrooms could potentially cause harm to himself or others.

Mushroom Treatment

The solution to a psychological addiction to magic mushrooms can be found in obtaining professional drug treatment. Locating a quality drug rehab program that has a history of a high rate of success in treating individuals with chronic substance abuse problem can be the first step towards freedom from any type of a substance abuse problem.

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