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Article Summary

What are my Rehab Options

Taking the step to seek help for substance abuse can be overwhelming, as there is surely a long road ahead. Individuals who need help can rest assured that there are many effective options to choose from, with treatment professionals to ensure they won't have to walk that road alone. When taking that step, one will of course want to spend one's time in treatment in a rehab that works. Deciding which option will work, when considering one's levels of addiction and other circumstances, can be challenging. There are options for each and every circumstance, and it is just a matter of educating oneself regarding these options and choosing the right program for oneself.

Which Program is Right for Me?

First an individual must be honest with oneself and treatment counselors, and come to terms with the facts about their substance abuse. Substance abuse often puts one in a state of mind where the facts aren't always clear. It is necessary to take a step back, come out of denial, and be honest in order for change to take place. Often times, the problem is far worse than anyone else even realizes. So what may have seemed to be an easy problem to fix on the outside is actually a much more significant problem requiring an extensive amount of treatment.

Things to Consider

Individuals should not be disillusioned or misled into thinking there is any quick fix for addiction and dependence to any drug. Short-term programs which offer treatment for a few day or week are not going to cut it when attempting to resolve serious cases. Likewise, outpatient programs make it very difficult to overcome any type of addiction because it allows too much room for error. In an out-patient setting, the treatment client will have access to drugs and return to an environment each day with influences and circumstances which could trigger further substance abuse. This just doesn't make any sense and compromises the entire process.

Programs for opiate dependence are an option, but individuals should again not be misled into thinking this is some sort of rehab process. These programs are not any form of treatment or rehab, and are simply a means of replacing one drug with an even more powerful drug to avoid opiate withdrawal symptoms. Replacement drugs such as methadone and buprenorphine are used in this type of "opiate maintenance therapy", and themselves cause serious dependence and addiction in users. Instead of resolving the problem with rehab this just perpetuates it. So it is not recommended for anyone who wants to live their life addiction and dependence free.

There are 12-step options available, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Individuals who choose this route will either do the 12-Steps in a rehab which follows them or they can attend meetings along with other alcoholics and drug addicted individuals. Because 12-Step programs promote that individuals are powerless over their addiction, many individuals find this approach unworkable for them and may want a treatment program which can empower them and resolve addiction once and for all. Accountability is an important factor in recovery which can make or break an individual's treatment process. There are alternatives to the 12-Steps which can accomplish this, so individuals should not be confined to this one approach even though it has been around and used the longest.

Alternative Holistic Rehab Programs

There are many alternative and even holistic drug rehab options to choose from, which don't treat addiction as a disease, as is the case with traditional treatment programs. In alternative and holistic programs individuals can take advantage of many powerful and effective techniques and treatment methods which have been proven to be very beneficial and effective. For example, some programs actually put individuals on a daily regimen of sauna, supplements and exercise. This helps treatment clients rid all residual drugs and toxins which if not purged could actually produce unwanted drug flashbacks or other ailments. Holistic drug rehab programs in particular believe that overcoming addiction is a process encompassing the individual as a while, body, mind and spirit. These types of programs may utilize things such as such nutritional supplements, exercise, and even meditation, yoga, and acupuncture at certain facilities. Individuals should not feel confined to some sort of traditional approach if it doesn't ring true to them, because there are so many more effective alternative options available. Once the right rehab is chosen, it is important that individuals be patient with the rehab process, which can take several months in some cases.

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