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Article Summary

Rehab Assessment

A rehab assessment is a tool used by treatment professionals which can help shed light on important information which will ultimately assist in the rehab process. When someone enters treatment, clients will often sit down with an addiction counselor and be asked a series of questions which is a basic assessment of their addiction history and any other background information which could be helpful. Questions are aimed at revealing things which can help those who will treat the client better understand which tools to use and which treatment methods are going to prove most beneficial and effective in the treatment process.

The Purpose of a Rehab Assessment

A rehab assessment will of course cover the basics, establishing exactly what drugs of abuse the treatment client has abused, at what dosage and for how long. This will not only include illicit street drugs, but all prescription drugs as well. A rehab assessment will also cover current physical and mental health, to determine if there are any ailments or diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health issues which will need to be addressed during the course of treatment. More extensive rehab assessments any apparent issues in the individual's life which are causing stress, anger, apathy, etc. which could help reveal what may have prompted the individual to abuse drugs and/or alcohol in the first place. Clients may not immediately open up about these things at the beginning of treatment, but there is no harm in asking.

A thorough rehab assessment can go a long way in helping treatment professionals know what course to take with each individual's unique treatment needs in mind. Treatment professionals may also choose to continuously assess progress by doing a rehab assessment several times during the course of treatment, to evaluate and readjust progress and treatment needs. Because treatment needs do change as important issues are brought to light during rehab, rehab assessments utilized throughout the treatment process can bring about very positive outcomes for treatment clients.

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