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List of Long Term Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs In Duluth, Minnesota

Why Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Works in Duluth, Minnesota

NIDA, or the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that long term alcohol and drug rehab in Duluth is among the most workable types of addiction treatment. This is because statistics indicate that these centers often boast higher success rates and can lead to better results in the long run.

Whereas short-term residential facilities will only require you to participate in treatment for a couple of weeks, long term drug treatment might last for many months or even go up to a year or longer.

In some way, therefore, long term rehab works as a sort of halfway house that gives the most vulnerable addicted individuals a period of intensive care. During your stay, therefore, you will be in an environment controlled tightly by doctors and other health care professionals for a long time. Meaning, that you may experience a more significant potential for recovery.

That said, long term addiction rehab centers in Duluth, MN. vary considerably. Whereas some of these facilities will provide you with 8 hours of counseling per week and allow you to spend 7 hours daily on structured activities, others will offer more activities.

However, most long-term rehab programs will insist you follow a set of ethos, norms, and rules - failure to comply might be cause for you to be prematurely discharged from the program. Still, others are not as rigid and could even allow you to spend some of the evenings with friends and members of your family, or to work outside the facility here and there.

Overall, however, Duluth, Minnesota long term alcohol and drug treatment is among the most workable of all types of treatment. This is because drug and alcohol addiction is such a chronic and cyclic condition that requires long term care and monitoring - which should continue even after you check out of the treatment program. Long-term rehab could also reduce your risk of relapse as well as teach you how to handle life and operate ordinarily by living a sober lifestyle.

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List of Long Term Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Programs Serving the Duluth, Minnesota Area:

Ideal Option Duluth

Ideal Option Duluth
831 East 2nd Street
Duluth, MN. 55812
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Regular Outpatient Treatment

Bethel Port Rehabilitation Center

Bethel Port Rehabilitation Center
23 Mesaba Avenue
Duluth, MN. 55806
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Short-Term, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Regular Outpatient Treatment

Thunderbird/Wren House

Thunderbird/Wren House
9302 Idaho Street
Duluth, MN. 55808
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Short-Term

Howard Friese Hillside

Howard Friese Hillside
714 North Eleventh Avenue East
Duluth, MN. 55805
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab

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