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List of Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs In Vallejo, California

Advantages of Inpatient Drug Treatment in Vallejo, California

Drug addiction to substances such as heroin, meth, liquor, cocaine or prescription drugs like xanax, demerol or concerta, when left untreated, can result in an individual losing everything that is good in their life such as their children, jobs, physical health and even shelter. Drug addiction and alcoholism are treatable problems. In fact, people in Vallejo, CA recover everyday and achieve long term sobriety. In addition to getting clean and sober, people that go into inpatient addiction treatment centers also learn how to mend relationships and how to get their lives back together and how they can keep it that way. Because of the bad mental and physical attributes that addiction produces in an individual, it can be very hard to think clearly enough to make the logical decision to find and start an inpatient addiction treatment center.

One of the hurdles to starting treatment can be the fear of the withdrawal process when stopping drugs or alcohol. However, there is a successful resolution for the issue of withdrawal that makes it safe for people to come off of drugs or alcohol. That solution is drug detox. Safely taking people off drugs or alcohol with a medical detoxification process is the initial step of an inpatient addiction treatment program. After detox, there are many vital steps to handle the mental and physical issues that come with alcohol and drug addiction. Completing an inpatient drug and alcohol program in Vallejo is worth the benefits that can last the rest of your life.

If you have attempted to assist a loved one on your own and have failed, here are some of the advantages of getting treatment for your loved one's alcohol and/or drug addiction.

  • Taking them out of the environment of their addiction.
  • Getting them away from their drug dealers and associates.
  • If they are dying because of their drug addiction, they will find solace in rehab.
  • Getting them into a drug free, safe environment.
  • The danger that so often accompanies drug addiction will cease for everyone once the individual is in rehab
  • The cost of addiction is almost always far greater than the price of treatment.
  • They will receive 24 hr care including medical assistance during the withdrawal process.
  • The person will receive the help and support that they need to get their life back on track.
  • They will acquire techniques to repair the damage that they have done to themselves and their loved one.
  • The person will acquire the life and coping skills they will need to be drug free.
  • The individual will acquire who they really are again and see the goodness in themselves.
  • Physical and psychological therapy will offer enduring benefits for a lasting recovery.
  • The individual will learn to spot drug use triggers and how to beat them rather than relapsing.
  • The individual will learn about relapse prevention skills, so that they can keep up their sobriety when they return home from treatment.
  • In closing, a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility can save your loved one's life and give you back the person you know and love.

If you need help for a loved one but don't know where to begin call 1-877-882-9275 and talk with a certified addiction counselor. Whether your loved one is ready to go to treatment or you need to do an intervention, we can help you with whatever you need to get your loved one help.

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List of Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Serving the Vallejo, California Area:

Genesis House Inc Genesis House II

Genesis House Inc Genesis House II
133 Renida Street
Vallejo, CA. 94591
There are 3 facilities, 2 are licensed by the State of California. We have a total of 45 beds, (31 treatment and 14 sober living beds for program graduates).

Service Setting:
Long-Term Drug Rehab

Bi Bett Corp Shamia Recovery Center

Bi Bett Corp Shamia Recovery Center
126 1/2 and 128 Ohio Street
Vallejo, CA. 94590
Service Setting:
Short-Term, Long-Term Drug Rehab

House of Acts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program

House of Acts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program
115 Teri Court
Vallejo, CA. 94589
Service Setting:
Long-Term Drug Rehab

Jblockshin and Associates LLC A Wise Retreat

Jblockshin and Associates LLC A Wise Retreat
4749 Georgia Street
Vallejo, CA. 94591
Service Setting:
Short-Term, Long-Term Drug Rehab

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