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List of Short Term Addiction Treatment Programs In San Jose, California

Understanding Short Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment in San Jose, California

Short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation is among the successful types of substance abuse treatment. In particular, it may prove useful for people in San Jose who are unable to attend a long-term rehabilitation program.

However, there are numerous factors you should consider while choosing the rehabilitation program you are going to attend. The three major concerns are effectiveness/success rates, cost, and program duration.

Because no universal treatment method will work for all addicts, you will have some treatment options to choose from subject to your specific needs and preferences. One of these options is short term drug rehabilitation.

In many instances, short term rehabilitation will have you live within the rehab center for a couple of weeks or so. These facilities are somewhat comparable to long-term addiction treatment except they last much shorter while making sure that you get the attention, support, and monitoring to ensure you do not relapse.

In particular, short term rehabilitation will vary in length from 14 days to about 6 weeks. During this time, you will receive individual and group counseling while you also start learning effective life skills and recovery tools that will help you to effectively handle any difficult situation you may experience as opposed to resorting to substance abuse.

Usually, short term drug rehab in San Jose, CA. will start with detoxification. The program length will mainly depend on the severity of your addiction as well as the length of time you have been using.

After you finish detox, the rehabilitation center will perform other forms of treatment tailored to your specific needs. For instance, treatment may use the 12 step method to allow you to receive benefits from peer support. These treatments will hold you accountable as you work through your recovery.

Other treatment approaches that might be offered in short term rehab include:

  • Art therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Group counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Nature therapy
  • Medication
  • Yoga
  • Treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions like anxiety and depression

These treatment methods can be offered to help shape your way of thinking, discourage you from continued drug use, and show you how to make positive decisions so that you do not relapse. You could also learn new coping skills and help you to reduce anxiety, so you do not feel you need to abuse drugs or alcohol.

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List of Short Term Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs Serving the San Jose, California Area:

Positive Progression Inc

Positive Progression Inc
1721 Lollie Court
San Jose, CA. 95124
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Long-Term Drug Rehab, Inpatient Detox

New Life Recovery Centers Inc

New Life Recovery Centers Inc
473 North San Pedro Street
San Jose, CA. 95110
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Long-Term Drug Rehab

Support Systems Homes Inc Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

Support Systems Homes Inc Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center
264 North Morrison Avenue
San Jose, CA. 95126
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Long-Term Drug Rehab, Inpatient Detox, Outpatient Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center

Wellness Retreat Recovery Center
10615 Crothers Road
San Jose, CA. 95127
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Long-Term Drug Rehab, Inpatient Detox

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