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List of Long Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities In Riverside, California

Do I Need Long Term Drug Rehabilitation in Riverside, California?

What is an addictive or psychoactive drug? An addictive or psychoactive drug is a substance such as heroin, crack cocaine, crystal meth, klonopin, tramadol, darvocet etc... that acts predominantly upon the central nervous system where it alters brain function, which causes momentary changes in awareness, mood, alertness and behavior. Addictive drugs also change the personalities of the people that use them and these changes in personality and behavior are most often extremely negative and troublesome. When an individual initially uses a psychoactive drug they typically feel an artificial perception of pleasure brought on by the drug. When repeated regularly for a prolonged amount of time the individual will become addicted to the drug. Addiction can be a tremendous affliction in a persons life. Nobody purposefully tries to create this suffering, known as addiction, for themselves, rather the individual was simply unaware of the harmful repercussions where they could only see the euphoria it appeared to bring at first and they figured it would always be like that.

Fortunately there is help for you or your loved one in Riverside, California struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. A chronic addiction requires a comprehensive inpatient treatment program. Addiction is an issue that can be handled but it's not handled overnight. The most effective approach to rehabilitate drug abuse and addiction today is long term inpatient treatment. Just as no one purposefully tries to develop an addiction to drugs, no one has to continue to be addicted if they receive the help that they need to correct the issue.

Getting your loved one the treatment that they need can repair their life and recover peace and serenity in the household.

If you have tried to help a loved one on your own and have failed, here are the many benefits of getting professional help for a loved one's substance abuse problem.

  • Removing them from the environment of their addiction.
  • It removes them from drug dealers and associates.
  • If they are involved in dangerous activities and behaviors they will be safe in treatment.
  • It puts them into a drug free safe supervised setting.
  • The chaos that always accompanies addiction will subside for everybody once the person goes to treatment.
  • The negative consequence of addiction is usually far greater than the price of rehab.
  • The person will be provided 24 hr care including medically monitored assistance through the detoxification process.
  • They will be provided the help and support that is needed to repair their life.
  • The individual will learn how to repair the destruction that they have done to everyone around them.
  • The person will learn recovery skills and tools that are essential to recovery.
  • The individual will learn who they really are again and see the goodness in themselves.
  • Physiological and emotional therapy offers enduring advantages for a lasting recovery.
  • They will learn how to prevent cravings and urges and how to overcome them rather than giving in to relapse.
  • They will learn about relapse prevention techniques, so that they can maintain their recovery when they return home.
  • In summary an Addiction Treatment Program in Riverside can save your loved one's life and bring back the person they once were before addiction.

If you need assistance for a loved one but don't know where to start call 1-877-882-9275 and talk with a certified counselor. Whether your loved one is ready to go to treatment or you need to do a family intervention, we can assist you with whatever you need to get your loved one help.

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List of Long Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Serving the Riverside, California Area:

Inland Empire Teen Challenge

Inland Empire Teen Challenge
5445 Chicago Avenue
Riverside, CA. 92507
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab

10 Acre Ranch Inc

10 Acre Ranch Inc
8605, 8567 and 8589 Janet Street
Riverside, CA. 92503
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Short-Term, Inpatient Detox

Sierra by the Sea Sunrise Recovery Ranch

Sierra by the Sea Sunrise Recovery Ranch
6690 Limonite Frontage Road
Riverside, CA. 92509
Service Setting:
Hospital Inpatient, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Short-Term, Inpatient Detox, Outpatient Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Hospital Inpatient Detoxification

Whiteside Manor Mens Program

Whiteside Manor Mens Program
2743 Orange Street
Riverside, CA. 92501
Whiteside Manor wants to help you return to a clean and sober lifestyle. Learn more about our affordable drug and alcohol rehab programs here.

Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Short-Term, Outpatient Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Regular Outpatient Treatment

MFI Recovery Center A Womens Place

MFI Recovery Center A Womens Place
4295 Brockton Avenue
Riverside, CA. 92501
Service Setting:
Inpatient Drug Rehab, Short-Term, Inpatient Detox

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