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Article Summary

Alcohol Addiction and How it is Treated

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that is extremely dangerous. In fact, it is estimated that about eighty thousand people die each year from the effects of alcohol addiction whether it is from physical damages from alcohol or from actions caused by an addiction.

It is a very serious concern that can be harmful to not only an addict but the people around the addict. However, it can be treated if the effects are found soon enough. This must be treated appropriately in order to keep the body from suffering from the worst possible effects of such an addiction.

Signs and Symptoms

A person could be likely to have an addiction to alcohol if a few points are noticed:

An alcohol addict tends to drink more often than what one normally would. In fact, an addict might lie to other people about drinking and might try to get out of certain situations just to drink.

An addict may also neglect one's responsibilities in the workplace or at home.

Addicts also tend to use alcohol in dangerous situations. These include cases where one is about to drive or operate heavy machinery.

People even start to use alcohol just to relax or to get over stresses.

A Person's Look

The physical appearance of an alcohol addict can be just as much of a risk.

A person may appear to sweat more often.

Alcoholics often appear to have worn out appearances at just about any part of the day.

Sometimes an alcoholic might begin to refuse to take care of one's body and might not shower, shave or do other things that people normally do.

There are even cases where a person's skin might become pale. It might develop a yellowish tint after a while.

The Effects of Alcohol Addiction

The effects that occur as a result of an alcohol addiction can also be risky.

An addict may develop insomnia or an inability to actually wake up as needed.

Hangovers can end up being more dramatic than what an average person might experience.

Sometimes a person might give up certain activities or duties because of alcohol.

There are even times when a person knows that one's alcohol abuse might be a problem in one's life but that person continues to use alcohol anyway.

A person can also become hostile to others. This might even result in physical violence towards loved ones in the worst cases.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol can be very dangerous. The effects are often what cause some addicts to want to keep on using alcohol. They have become so dependent on it that they will try hard to keep on using it:

Tremors and uncontrollable shakes can develop all around the body during the withdrawal process.

A person might also start to sweat profusely. This is regardless of the conditions around an area.

Nausea can develop in most cases.

Hallucinations, seizures and other actions within the brain may also develop.

Anxiety attacks are particularly common among those who are undergoing a withdrawal from alcohol.

The Realistic Dangers of an Addiction

One of the greatest reasons why such an addiction needs to be treated is because it can be an extremely dangerous consideration. There are several problems associated with a drug addiction that need to be understood:

The body can suffer from serious issues over time. The liver, nervous system and heart are often likely to suffer from damages over time.

The body's blood pressure rate might also increase after a while.

Osteoporosis often develops in alcohol addicts. This is especially the case with women.

There is a realistic potential for an addict's work life to be harmed due to that addiction. A person could lose one's job because that person was unable to perform due to an addiction.

Overdose Risks

There are times when a person might become so dependent on alcohol that the person could overdose on it. The signs of an overdose can be extremely dangerous:

A person may develop confusion and fall into a stupor.

The skin might change to where it is dark or blue in tint.

A person might have tough times breathing. An overdose can cause a person to struggle to where it takes ten or more seconds to breathe.

Vomiting often occurs after the body takes in more alcohol than it can handle.

The most severe cases can result in unconsciousness and even death.

How a Treatment is Used

The risks and threat of an alcohol addiction are extremely serious. However, there is a way for a person to be treated. There are several steps that can be utilized in the treatment process.

The treatment often starts with a detoxification process. This includes the administration of medicine to keep the effects of an alcohol withdrawal from being worse than they could be. It may be performed at an alcohol addiction treatment center.

The treatment then continues with a full mental analysis of how one's mind works. This includes understanding why a person was drinking. This often involves a review of why a person was drinking in the first place.

A solution can then be prepared to help a person avoid alcohol. This often involves the need to get rid of temptations in one's life and to replace alcohol with a healthy alternative or habit.

A support network can be utilized in the treatment process. This is where the person will be helped by others who are interested in facilitating one's recovery goals. It has been found over the years that people who are supported by others tend to be more successful when recovering from an addiction. In fact, a sponsor might help a person out with staying on track with a recovery plan.

Solutions on how to resist urges can be developed when in social situations. Part of this includes understanding what to do when being asked to use alcohol in a public setting.

It can take weeks or even months to get through an addiction treatment program. However, the results can last for a lifetime and just might be critical with regards to saving a person's life.

An alcohol addiction can be a serious threat to anyone. It can cause anyone to develop an unhealthy lifestyle and can be particularly dangerous to the body. However, it can also be treated with a number of helpful steps.

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