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Article Summary

Problems With Xanax Can Be Avoided

Xanax is known as an antidepressant, but also as an anti-anxiety drug. It was initially developed as a sleep-inducing medication with muscle mass relaxant attributes, but its usefulness on nervousness, stress and state of mind ailments was soon recognized.

A Xanax overdose basically means that the human body cannot process a large amount of its active ingredient - alprazolam. Although Xanax acts quickly, this does not mean that an overdose is unlikely to occur.

Problems with Xanax are likely to occur if Alprazolam is associated with other medicines or complex meals. Mixing Alprazolam with potent analgesics and narcotics, such as heroin, leads to intense respiratory problems and has even led to fatalities.

If this drug is not taken as prescribed by a physician, a number of symptoms are likely to occur. Some of them include coordination problems, drowsiness and confusion, while others are more severe. For instance, a larger dose of Xanax may lead to breathing problems, coma and even death.

Treatment for Problems Occuring from Xanax

If the patient experiences non-severe problems with Xanax, a physician will most likely administer a dose of Romazicon. This drug was developed as an antidote for benzodiazepines. It is highly recommended that the patient's treatment with Xanax will be changed, so that future problems can be avoided.

On the other hand, if a Xanax overdose is suspected, emergency medical assistance is of paramount importance, as this can mean the difference between life and death. In such cases, treatment options vary widely, depending on the patient's age and drug history. In addition to that, the medical personnel must be informed whether Xanax was taken together with alcohol or other drugs.

However, most individuals who take Xanax handle the treatment very well. Individuals may be tempted to make use of Xanax in inappropriate ways when they feel overwhelmed by their emotions. Nonetheless, they have to be informed that Alprazolam is a substance that delivers results over a certain period of time and that a higher dosage will not be helpful at all - on the contrary!

History and Development of Xanax

Before Xanax, other antidepressants had been available on the American market. Most of these drugs proved to actually be harsher on the human body and much more harmful to the central nervous system. The pharmaceutical market for benzodiazepines was sinking in the last decades of the past century. Xanax emerged as being a special drug for panic disorder - a condition that became widely accepted during that time.

Xanax soon became known as a potent antidepressant and its active ingredient, Alprazolam, was significantly less harmful than other medicines that were accessible at that particular time. Furthermore, the drug was regarded as an anti-anxiety medicine that does not generate depression. Xanax along with other Alprazolam medicines are at the moment labeled as Schedule six narcotics inside of the United States.

Xanax had grown to be one of the most popular medicines in psychiatry, recommended by numerous psychiatrists in very good faith. Alprazolam provided distinctive hope within the epidemic of stress problems sweeping the country.

For decades, a large number of medical professionals throughout the world have been prescribing Alprazolam for the therapy of a number of anxiety disorders, stress issues, and acute tension ailments.

The Problems of Xanax

Problems with Xanax include the fact that mentally sane individuals who are afflicted by anxiety and depression and therefore are treated with Alprazolam for extended time periods, experience the actual effects of this powerful antidepressant. Chronically depressed individuals, who start to feel very good, carry on to take it and usually tend not to develop an actual tolerance to the drug.

It has been noted that each and every single time when these individuals discontinue the intake of Alprazolam, they grow to be depressed yet again and may require Alprazolam addiction assistance. Individuals that are treated for nervousness and panic attacks tend to be more vulnerable to a Xanax relapse as soon as the intake of the drug is interrupted.

Typical Xanax doses are 0.25 or 0.50 mg, taken 3 or 4 times a day. Problems with Xanax may occur when the drug is taken in higher concentrations. On the other hand, a lot of individuals do extremely well with Alprazolam and they respect the dosage that was recommended by their respective physicians. Xanax is a prescription drug and it should be handled with great care.

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