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Article Summary

Negative Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana is also known as the cannabis and it's an annual plant that's grown around the world. It's used as a psychoactive drug, and it's been called by many names today like weed, Ganga, trees. If the use of drugs in a country is not legally approved, then people growing and using it will be charged a penalty. When a person smokes marijuana, it gives the user a high and mild feeling of elation, wonder and pleasure. Depending on the dose, the feeling may last for hours in the person smoking it. Here in this article we will help you to know about negative effects of marijuana.

Marijuana addiction and its negative effects

If you use marijuana regularly, then you may become addicted to it, by causing a serious and severe injury to your health. According to the report by the National Survey of Drug and Health Department, it shows that nearly two million people every year get introduced to marijuana. Here are some of the negaive signs of marijuana addiction.

Currently marijuana is one of the most widely used drugs in the USA. More importantly it's one of the most commonly abused drug. Marijuana dependence is shown normally only through consistent abuse of the drug.

Signs and symptoms of marijuana

Some of the commonly seen symptoms of marijuana abuse is seen as follows,

  • Impaired coordination
  • Difficulty in thinking, problem solving
  • Distorted perceptions and
  • Ongoing issues with memory and learning

How Marijuana is used

Marijuana is usually in the form of sweet and sour odor in the cigarette. To ingest marijuana most of the people choose smoking as a better option. But there are several other ways to ingest marijuana. Most of the people using this drug today are between 18 to 25 years of age. Before using this drug, it's much better being familiar about the serious effects that this drug usage may cause into the health of the person. People use it to feel relaxed from the stress.

In general marijuana is smoked using a pipe or a cigarette. The consumption and possession of marijuana are considered as illegal and banned, it's still prevalent among most of the teenagers and young adults. Use of marijuana shows not onlya negative impact on the health of the person, but also leads to some of the significant negative effects on his daily life. Marijuana is not only being used by male, it's also used by women. Marijuana consists of the active chemical THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Once smoked, it passes from the lungs to the blood stream. The blood carries the chemical THC to different parts of the body including the brain.

Negative effects of marijuana

Use of marijuana at work place

Use of marijuana at work places causes serious problems. People using marijuana in the workplace may look normal most of the time, but mentally they experience a lot of disturbance. Due to this they lose the interests at work, which may result in low production which affects the performance of the company. Not only that they lose temper and create issues and problems at the workplace.

Negative effects of marijuana in teenagers

For teenagers who are pursuing their education, marijuana creates serious impact in their studies due to marijuana abuse, which may lead to some obstacles in learning. Most of the students affected by this problem may suffer from memory problem with a difficulty in concentrating.

Psychological effects of marijuana addiction

Regular use this drug may lead to some severe psychological effects like paranoia, schizophrenia and mental illness. Due to this people may show low interests to relations, social activities and their jobs.

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