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Article Summary

Meth Abuse- How It Affects the Brain

Crystal, ice, chalk, speed--- these are just some of the well-known names for the popular drug Methamphetamine. With its increasing fame in the black market and among drug pushers and abusers, plenty of studies have been conducted to further study its effects on the brain. After all, it is no longer limited to a certain area but has now spread widely across the United States and even in other countries. Oftentimes, this is taken through injection, ingestion, smoking, and snorting. A powerful upper with lasting consequences, many have been victimized by the Meth abuse effects on the brain.

Permanent Damages on the Central Nervous System

Methamphetamine directly affects the Central Nervous System (CNS) of your body. Great levels of dopamine are discharged due to the use of this particular drug, causing excessive or inappropriate brain stimulation that boosts body moment and temperament.

Even small doses of Meth can immediately have various effects which include the following: Reduced appetite, Provoked alertness, Added physical activity, Amplified respiration, Hyperthermia, Euphoria

The "high" feeling that drug users get from it put them in an ecstatic state which they embrace and quickly become addicted to. This is why a lot of individuals of different ages and backgrounds have succumbed to the temptation of Meth because of the temporary bliss that they experience. It serves as an escape from troubles and problems.

Aside from the above-mentioned effects, plenty of abusers also experience difficulty in sleeping, prickliness, bewilderment and misunderstanding, paranoia and even aggressiveness. This is more common for those who regular take in the drug. It is also why there are many Meth abusers who tend to engage in illicit activities and also get involved in crimes.

In many studies, it has been found that Meth abusers have the greatest amount of cell damage as compared with other drug abusers. Meth is also known to bring about irreparable damage to the brain. Those who have become addicts often suffer from psychotic-like behavior, loss of memory, and severe brain damage. You will find that a lot of those who used to be abusive of this drug have not recovered their memories and normal speed and quality of motor skills even after months of abstinence.

Indeed Meth abuse effects on the brain are permanent. Think twice, thrice, or even hundreds of times about even trying it because a few sparks of euphoria are not worth damaging your brain over.

Quick Pleasures and Lasting Addiction

A lot of people are tempted to take Meth out of curiosity. Some also want to experience a different kind of pleasure. Others simply wish to use it as a diversion from their difficulties in life and emotional burdens. The quick flashes of pleasure seem to gravitate more and more users to this alluring drug, eventually turning them into abusers.

One try can lead to a next one, and then another, and then more. This is because Meth is very addicting and will most likely make you want to have more. Thus, people tend to take it more frequently and in larger doses before they even realize it is too late already.

Long-term Consequences on the Brain

Since you can easily get addicted to Meth, you should avoid it from the very beginning. If not, you will end up with adverse Meth abuse effects on the brain that you will surely regret and can turn your life around.

Abusers of Meth often hear voices or see things. These hallucinations will render you incapable of leading a normal life or functioning satisfactorily at work. Surely your relationships will also be affected negatively.

Along with this effect, you will surely become more and more paranoid as your addiction deepens. Delusions will also get the best of you and oftentimes you feel as if you are truly losing your mind, sometimes without even realizing it.

Another danger that goes with long-term abuse of Meth is the violent behavior topped with mood swings. In this regard, numerous chronic abusers are likely to perform crimes that they would not have done if they were in their right minds.

Meth is definitely a drug that you have to stay away from. If you have loved ones who are addicted to it, you should seek help at once and start treatment as early as possible. After all, Meth abuse effects on the brain are harmful not only to the abuser and his life but also to his family and friends. These negative effects are permanent as well, making the expression "throwing your life away" take on a more literal meaning.

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