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Article Summary

How to approach a family member with a drug problem

When approaching a family member with a drug problem be conscious of your tone and body language. Often, drug addicts view anyone who attempts to pass judgment on their drug or alcohol use as being intrusive. Helping someone who is not ready to change their behavior may be difficult and the decision for them to get help is ultimately theirs. Sometimes we may get so concerned over someone else's drug use that we may not be looking after ourselves. It is important that you keep yourself safe. It may be helpful for you to talk to someone you trust about what is going on and how you feel.

If you approach the person you are concerned about there are several things you may want to consider before doing so. It is a good idea to have a general knowledge of some of the reasons for using drugs, their effects and what happens to people who use addictive drugs regularly. By doing this you are more able to stick to the facts.

Discuss alcohol and other drug issues openly. Letting the person you are concerned about know that you are open to listening to them without being judgmental. This may encourage them to discuss their drug use with you. Asking them what they think about the way the media discusses and portrays drug use may be a helpful conversation starter. If they know you are open minded on the issue they may be more likely to feel comfortable discussing it with you. Also, give the person you are concerned about direction regarding where they can get information about drug addiction.

Finding a Treatment Facility

In the end, if the person acknowledges their drug use is a problem you need to be prepared to get them help immediately. It is beneficial to speak with a drug rehab facility ahead of time. This way, if the person accepts an option of a drug rehab program they have a place to go right away before they can change their mind. Admitting their addiction and the acceptance of treatment are the beginnings to a healthy recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

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