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Article Summary

How to admit a family member to a drug treatment program

When wondering how to admit a family member to a drug treatment program, consider the following information. Helping loved ones admit they have a problem and enter drug rehab is not an easy position to be in. You will likely encounter resistance from your loved one who may resort to guilt, manipulation, bargaining and anger to convince you otherwise. All too often your best intentions will get waylaid time and again, without professional assistance.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction typically begins as recreational use in a social situation, usually with friends. The younger a person is when he or she starts drinking or using drugs, the more likely he or she will develop alcohol or drug addiction. Initially the feeling is enjoyable but over time it becomes a coping mechanism to handle life. Eventually one is unable to function without the alcohol or drug. This is a sign of drug addiction.

Drug addiction can be difficult to overcome in the absence of a good drug treatment program when an individual is addicted to alcohol and/or drugs and feel as though they cannot function in the absence of the substances they are abusing. Drugs that have a higher potential for drug addiction such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, meth, ecstasy and addictive prescription drugs to name a few may require a safe, medical detox in order to stabilize the body from dependency to abstinence. Depending upon the severity of addiction a good drug rehab program should follow safe medical detox so that the addict is provided with the necessary treatment, education and support for a successful recovery.

Getting Treatment

If your loved one has not come to you for help in getting treatment, it may be time to contact an addiction professional. It is often a good idea to contact an addiction treatment facility to assist you. A drug treatment facility counselor can help the addict see their addiction problem and help the addict to realize that they need assistance. It is most often a very successful process that helps the addict accept that they need a professional drug rehabilitation program to using drugs and change their life.

Contact a drug rehab a that you would like to have your loved one enter. Make sure they have an available space. This way, when the addict is ready for help it is available for them immediately. The drug treatment program you choose will help you with all the details of the admission process including, intervention if necessary, flight arrangements, airport pick etc. and be prepared to answer any questions you may have.

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