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Heroin Quiz

1. What is the estimated number of people 12 and over in the U.S. who have used heroin?

2. Which celebrity owned the Viper Room nightclub with Johnny Depp. Died of an overdose after taking a speedball (heroin and cocaine mix).
Chris Farley
Judd Nelson
River Phoenix

3. On average, a person addicted to heroin will experience withdrawal symptoms as soon as________ after their last does.
30 minutes-1 hour
2-4 hours
6-8 hours

4. Heroin use was legal in the United States until what year?
It was never legal

5. What is the term used when a heroin user follows the heated heroin on a piece of tinfoil with the intention of inhaling the smoke it produces through a tube?
Dragon chasing
Chasing the dragon
The dragon in chase

6. Chronic users of heroin often develop:
Collapsed veins and abscesses
Infection of the heart lining and valves and liver disease
All of the above

7. Among college students and young adults surveyed in 2002, between _____% & _____%, respectively, reported injecting heroin at least once during their lifetimes.
0.5% & 0.1%
0.25% & 0.30%
0.3% & 0.4%

8. During 2002, heroin was the _______ most frequently mentioned illicit drug reported to the Drug Abuse Warning Network by emergency departments (ED) nationwide.

9. The average age of a heroin user today is ______.

10. Paraphernalia for using heroin may include:
Coffee grinders & spoons
Small cotton balls & bottle caps
All of the Above

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