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Article Summary

Drug Addicts

Drug addicts are individuals who can not stop their compulsion to use drugs. They continue their self destructive behaviors in order to feel good, or to avoid feeling bad. It can dominate their mind and keep them coming back for more. Some drugs can also create a constant craving in your body. An addiction is different for everyone, depending on their vice and the kind of person they are.

Drug Addicts and Physical Addiction

A dependency develops through repeated use of a drug. This repeated use changes body chemistry, e.g.: alcohol, heroin and tranquillizers. It means the drug addicts body develops a hunger for the drug, which they feel the compulsion to keep feeding.

Drug Addicts and Psychological addiction

This is a dependency that develops through repeated behavior until the drug addict feels they can't manage without it. Their mind can get hooked on almost any activity that changes their mood. Mental cravings can also play a part in physically addictive drug habits.

Anyone can develop dependency problems. There can be many complex reasons for developing a dependency. However, three factors may mean some people are more likely to become drug addicts than others.

Where you're from: Growing up with a drug addict in the family can influence your life. Some react against it. Others fall into similar habits, though not necessarily the same addiction.
Who you're with: If your environment leaves you bored or stressed, naturally you want to find a way to block it out. You might also be persuaded because it seems like everyone else is doing it.
Where you're at: Many drug addicts lack confidence or self-esteem, so check out the way you cope with life. Ask if you confront challenges or look for ways to hide.

What are the signs?

Drug addicts don't become addicted overnight. It takes time to face the fact you may have lost control.

Think of your number one vice. It could be alcohol, marijuana, meth, cocaine, or any other mind altering substance. Then ask yourself the following questions:

Is it an important part of my life?
Do I spend much of the day thinking about it or doing it?
Do I indulge to change the way I'm feeling?
Have I ever done it in secret?
Does the prospect of quitting unsettle me?
Do I react badly when people suggest it's a problem?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, perhaps it's time you asked yourself whether you control your habit, or whether it controls you.

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