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Article Summary

Recovery from Drug Addiction

Drug addiction does not happen overnight. It can also vary in seriousness, type of treatment needed and length of treatment needed for recovery.

For those who have less severe forms of addictions, the addiction is a temporary disorder, and treatment can help a lot. In the case of more severe addictions, the disorder has a more lasting character. In these cases, the goal of the treatment is to discontinue use. More severe addictions often mean that there is a long history of use and many physical and social problems. Addiction to alcohol, for example, often shows that the brains are damaged in such a way that the addicts can no longer resist the impulse to drink.

It is important to note that, "addicted once, addicted forever" never means that an addiction can't be treated or overcome. The problem is that addicted people often draw that conclusion. They say: "I can't be helped", "it is within me" or "I can't help it". Also, the family and other people around the addict often draw this conclusion. This usually happens when the addicted person starts to use, drink or gamble again. This creates a feeling of dejection, which has a negative effect. It can be the reason to keep on drinking and not seek help.

Drug Addiction Relapse

A very important part of the individual’s long term recovery process is how the people around them react to the relapse. Instead of being dejected, it is better to find out what you can learn from a relapse. You can determine under what circumstances the relapse happened and how you can react better to alcohol, drugs or gambling next time when you are in the same circumstances. In other words, you can also get stronger from a relapse.

Those in the process of recovering from drug addiction must keep in mind that becoming addicted took time, as well as getting clean does too. Breaking the habit means that there is also the possibility of a remission.

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