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Article Summary

Drug Abuse Symptoms

Although people may abuse drugs at different levels of intensity, the basic pattern is the same when looking for drug abuse symptoms. As drug abuse intensifies, their drug of choice becomes more and more important to them.? As time goes on the drug will become more important than anything else in their lives including their job, friends and family. Drug abuse increasingly affects them physically and emotionally, often impairing their judgment to a dangerous level.

    General Drug Abuse Symptoms:

    • Observable signs of deteriorating personal hygiene
    • Multiple physical symptoms and complaints
    • Accidents
    • Personality and behavioral changes
    • Many drug prescriptions for self and family
    • Frequent emotional crises
    • Negative behavior excused by family and friends
    • Activities involving drinking alcohol are a priority
    • Arguments/violent outbursts
    • Sexual problems
    • Extramarital affairs
    • Withdrawal from and fragmentation of family
    • Neglect of children
    • Abnormal, illegal, anti-social actions of children
    • Unexplained absences from home

    Medical and Physical Drug Abuse Symptoms

    • Observable decline in physical health
    • Signs of weight change
    • Pupils either dilated or constricted; face flushed/bloated
    • Emergency-room treatments such as drug or alcohol overdose, unexplained injuries, symptoms of migraine headaches, auto accidents
    • Inability to focus and track in a conversation
    • Signs of shakiness, tremors of hands
    • Slurred speech
    • Constant runny nose
    • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Drug Abuse Symptoms Observed by Friends and Community
    • Noticeable signs of becoming personally isolated
    • Embarrassing behavior
    • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or a drug
    • Legal problems
    • Neglect of social commitments
    • Unpredictable behavior such as inappropriate spending

People who have drug abuse symptoms are often trying to self-medicate or find escape from the issues that are really bothering them. Getting help for your loved one early on in their drug problem can help avoid a much darker future for them.

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