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Article Summary

Crack Cocaine Detox

Crack addiction is extremely difficult for a person to recover from on their own because crack cocaine is an extremely addictive drug. Crack addiction is inevitable for the person who uses crack on a regular basis. Next to crystal meth, crack is probably the most addictive drug yet devised. Crack cocaine users need more and more crack to attain the same high and avoid the intense "crash" or depression that follows their high. They become physically and psychologically dependent on crack, which often is a result of only a few doses taken within a few days. To balance off the intense lows, crack users often use other drugs. Most people with crack addictions require admission to a drug rehab in order to safely go though crack cocaine detox. Sometimes, medications will be prescribed by the physician in the detox to manage and sometimes eliminate the symptoms associated with crack withdrawal.

Detox and Rehab

Crack Cocaine addiction requires a full detox and drug rehab program to fully overcome the adverse mental and physical effects of the drug. Once a person becomes used to having crack in their body and brain, physical and mental addiction begins to take hold of the person. Crack sometimes makes the user feel superior, in control, psychic, even god like. These delusions are intense while using crack and lessen when not using. Because crack can make the person feel high artificially without the usual demands reality requires: like success, doing good, being acknowledged, etc, crack seems like a short cut to pleasure. Detox from crack cocaine requires a controlled environment away from the enticement of the drug.

Crack cocaine detox withdrawal symptoms include but are not limited to feelings of agitation, depression and an intense craving for the drug. In crack cocaine detox there may be extreme fatigue or anxiety, with periods of angry outbursts. Sometimes the person experiencing withdrawal from crack addiction will have a lack of motivation and often feelings of nausea with vomiting, shaking, irritability, muscle pain and disturbed sleep.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Crack detox, while it does not include an actual physical addiction, carries with it a very intense emotional withdrawal component. Due to the intensity of the cravings, agitation and anxiety, many people require inpatient crack detox to keep them away from the drug and become stabilized. Crack detox, generally takes several days with the patient requiring a great deal of rest, good food and medications to manage their withdrawal symptoms. Most people suffering from crack addiction would do well to consider inpatient addiction treatment after completing crack detox.

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