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Article Summary

Cocaine Addiction Help

Cocaine addiction help may include behavioral therapy such as counseling, cognitive therapy, psychotherapy, medications or some combination of these therapies. Behavioral rehab therapies offer people strategies for coping with their drug cravings. Cocaine rehab and treatment teaches ways to avoid drugs and prevent relapse. It also helps clients deal with relapse in the unfortunate case that it does occur. The best programs for cocaine addiction help provide a combination of therapies and other services to meet the needs of the individual patient. The rehab program should be shaped by such issues as patient age, race, culture, sexual orientation, gender, pregnancy, parenting, housing, and employment, as well as physical and sexual abuse.

Help for cocaine addiction also varies depending on the characteristics of the patient. Problems associated with an individual's cocaine addiction can vary significantly. People who are addicted to cocaine come from all walks of life. Many suffer from mental health, occupational, health, or social problems that make their addictive disorders much more difficult to treat. Even if there are few associated problems, the severity of the cocaine addiction itself ranges widely among people.

Drug Rehab

Attending a drug rehab for cocaine addiction is just as effective as treatments for most other chronic medical conditions. Many people believe rehab and treatment are ineffective. In part, this is because of unrealistic expectations. These uninformed individuals equate cocaine addiction with simply using drugs and therefore expect the addiction should be cured quickly and easily. In reality, because cocaine addiction is a chronic problem for the user, the ultimate goal of long-term abstinence requires sustained effort and sometimes repeated treatment episodes.

For many people caught in the vicious cycle of cocaine use, help is not offered soon enough. Before long finances are in ruin, relationships hang by a limb, and physical health is on the edge. At this point, there may not seem to be any hope left as the addiction still rages on. We believe there is hope. Our professional staff has seen numerous recovery cases and realizes that there is a way to recovery.

Specialized Programs

Through our specialized programs in cocaine addiction help we hope to give you a new perspective on things. By offering classes and teaching invaluable addiction recovery techniques we strive to bring about creativity and instill trust as we assist in your recovery process.

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