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Article Summary

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Making the decision about which alcohol rehabilitation program to attend can be quite confusing. It seems that each one claims they are the best and have the highest success rate. The truth is that every program is different and the real key lies in matching a person's individual needs with the alcohol rehabilitation services that are available.

How many Americans need alcohol rehabilitation? Some studies suggest that upwards of eight million U.S. residents show evidence of unhealthy alcohol dependence. That is, of course, a staggering number. That figure represents almost three percent of the country's total population. If it says anything, it's that alcohol rehab is playing and will play a vital role in shaping tomorrow in America.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Statistics

But statistics can't tell the whole story about alcohol abuse and alcohol rehab. The real truth lies beyond the numbers, in the lives of those individuals who find themselves in need of alcohol rehab care at a professional alcohol rehab center. Alcohol abuse wrecks families and ruins careers. It places a tremendous strain on social institutions and affects entire communities wherever it exists. Alcohol rehabilitation isn't just about facts and figures; it's about human beings who need help.

The search for an alcohol treatment center can be a daunting one. Unfortunately, the alcohol rehab market is long on options and short on guidance. Prospective alcohol treatment patients can be quite overwhelmed by the choices available to them. In the end, the alcohol treatment center that's right for you is the one which gives you what you need, when you need it. The ideal alcohol rehabilitation facility will and must recognize you as an individual, with individual problems and individual needs.

Residential Alcohol Treatment

When an addict enters alcohol rehabilitation, they will typically reside at the center for the length of the treatment program. In the majority of cases, they will have to undergo an alcohol detox first, which can last from three to seven days. This is a necessary process where the toxins that have accumulated in the body due to alcohol consumption are eliminated. Once the detox is completed, they will then continue on to the inpatient alcohol rehabilitation programs designed to help them break the addictive hold of alcohol on their body.

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