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Article Summary

Using Ecstasy on the Club Scene

Ecstasy (MMDA) has a much more unique history than many other illicit drugs. Once believed to be a potential psychotherapeutic breakthrough drug, this amphetamine based mood changer has now become the top drug of choice among the partying culture. For many that love to attend raves, late night parties and hit the club scene for days on end, using ecstasy becomes second nature. Sadly, doing so contributes to serious health risks and even potential fatalities.

The Club and Party Culture

Ecstasy (aka X and XTC) hit an apex of popularity during the rave parties of the 1990's. People that attended these all-night affairs would commonly become seduced by the escapism present within them. At these events, a person could leave the mundane nature of daily life behind and forget about all stress and worries. Honestly, doing so without using drugs would be little more than a harmless diversion. However, when using ecstasy to heighten one's experiences at clubs and raves, the danger level increases. Yet, the use of X at such events grew to alarming levels. For many, you could not enjoy a rave without also using ecstasy. In time, a psychological dependency could emerge as the user wishes to once again experience the same warm, euphoric feeling the drug is known to offer.

Ecstasy is very seducing because it is a mind-altering drug that can enhance a feeling well-being and positiveness. This should not be unexpected since it directly affects the brain chemicals that alter mood. For those that use ecstasy, a positive overall sense of euphoria may be felt. The person may lose senses of inhibitions and desire to show, express and welcoming loving behavior. The drug also reduces feelings of anxiety and depression which further can aid a person to get into the party mood.

Upon reading such of description of what the drug does, it somewhat makes sense why it would seriously be considered for psychiatric use. The reasons why the drug is popular on the club and rave scene also becomes obvious.

What is not clear obvious in such descriptions is the fact that using this drug is dangerous. The drug comes with the potential for an overdose and an overdose can actually be fatal. It is true that many have died from using this club drug.

Dangers Associated with Using Ecstasy

Because of the flippant, party environment associated with using ecstasy, many will take extreme risks with the drug. A common risk that users with take is consuming massive amounts of X tablets or pills. Obviously, this is risky behavior because the larger the quantities a person takes, the greater the risk of an overdose becomes. However, the impaired judgment that occurs when using this drug can lead to such dangerous and troubling behavior choices.

While not all users of this drug will take such over the top, excessive risks, many will simply take too many tabs or pills without realizing how much they have taken. This can be common among those that party for many hours and are unaware of how much X they have used. Now, this does not mean a dangerous reaction cannot occur taking only a single tab. That can and has happened and with devastating results.

An overdose of this drug could lead the body to stop sweating. Such an effect can lead to the temperature of the body rising to an extremely high level. This can lead to organ damage or death.

As with many other illicit drugs, the dangers associated with it can contribute to its allure. Young people make up the bulk of those that use ecstasy. With youth, there comes a devil may care attitude towards taking risks. Similarly, the young can have an attitude along the lines of they do not believe anything bad can occur. This will contribute to their taking such a drug recklessly.

Using ecstasy may seem like the ultimate party to so many rave and club denizens. Such assessments do not diminish the dangers associated with using the drug. While one would assume that the revelation of these dangers would cut back on the use of the drug, scores upon scores of people experiment with it to dire results.

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