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Article Summary

U.S. Drug Trends

Drug use in the United States, is very common to the extent that it has caused concern. For most individuals, drug use i.e. using hard drugs such as meth, cocaine and heroin has become a daily affair. Legislators, medical professionals among other individuals have raised concern over drug use in the US fearing that the country may have already entered past periods of unseen drug use i.e. in the 1970s.

Illicit Drug Use

For instance, marijuana is currently the most common and popularly used illicit drug in America. Although the drug was legalized in some states in the past 2012 elections, there is still cause for alarm because marijuana has some serious side effects. According to statistics, marijuana has been used by over 76% of the US population. Additionally, approximately 15.9 million American citizens aged 12 years and above have reported using the drug at least once a month. This alarming drug trend represents approximately 7% of the population aged 12 years and above. This represents an 8% increase from previous estimates.

Another common drug in the United States is Methamphetamine commonly referred to as Meth. According to research estimates carried out a few years ago, approximately 15% of the US population reported using Methamphetamine as a primary illicit drug. This shocking statistics on Meth use are attributed to the fact that the drug is very easy to make using household items. Meth is also cheap and produces a very strong high for users which are also among the reasons why it is so popular in the US.

This shocking increase in drug use/abuse in the US affects both users and the society. Society suffers alongside drug addicts. The physiological and physical health of persons with drug addiction problems causes great concern. Drug use/abuse leads to very serious health problems ranging from heart ailments to brain damage and death. Continuous drug use/abuse comes with long term consequences that are deadly. For instance, a common trend as a result of drug use/abuse is drug overdose. This trend is being monitored closely across the US. Sadly, there are still very many drug addicts who overdose on drugs and die.

The U.S. drug trends are very scary. In the recent past, over 20,000 deaths were directly linked to drug use. Among those deaths, approximately 3% of the victims were the youth i.e. individuals aged 21 years and below. The use of drugs has simply skyrocketed for both legal and illegal drugs. Popular club drugs such as ecstasy have increased popularity and use by over 58% in just a few years. These statistics have been acquired from hospital records of individuals admitted in hospitals as a result of Ecstasy overdoses.

Drug trends on other drug use/abuse factors i.e. rehabilitation admissions paint a very sad picture about drug addiction in the US. In 2006 for instance, there were approximately 175,000 individuals who were admitted in rehab facilities in the US. Statistics also indicate that approximately 5% of all those people released from rehab continue using drugs.

Another drug trends in the US associated with addiction and drug abuse is increasing crime. Drug addicts usually spend a lot of money sustaining their habits. In most cases, drug addicts end up losing their jobs which leaves them with no money. Most broke drug addicts result to crime i.e. robbery, scams, prostitution e.t.c. to acquire money for buying drugs.

In summary, the scariest drug trends in the US are the ones that involve the youth. According to research, a significant percentage of the US young have reported being introduced to at least one drug on regular basis since reaching age 13. Conservative estimates show that approximately 50% of these youth eventually try using drugs a year after introduction. Approximately 20% of these youth end up as addicts before they graduate from high school.

It is important to note that drug trends in the US vary from one year to the other. Drugs have always been a problem in the US something that is not expected to change any time soon. Even if statistics indicate low figures for drug use/abuse, drug treatment admissions and drug related crime, it is important to note that there is still cause for concern. Monitoring drug trends is important because it helps to determine important drug statistics i.e. health care spending, drug crime, drug use/abuse among other important statistics for planning.

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