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Article Summary

The Rise of Meth Abuse

Meth is also known as methamphetamine. It's a type of recreational drug, used around the world by more number of people in their daily life. According to the survey made by the national department of drug control, in recent years, there has been as rapid increase in the number of people using meth. Especially today most of the people using this drug are the teens. Here in this article we will help you to find out all about the meth and why there is a rise in the use of meth by people, what are the effects and who uses?

What is meth?

Meth is generally known as speed, crank, Tina, crystal and ice. In Thailand and Philippines it's called as shabu and yaba. It is a potential psycho stimulant type of drug that can be swallowed by the user in a format of pill orally or it can be delivered via injection and smoking etc. in some countries all over the globe there is a rapid rise in the use of drugs among the adults and teens. Since these people are not much aware about the seriousness of the drug, they make use of it regularly in their day to day life. One of the pure forms of meth is the crystal meth. This drug was originally manufactured for the purpose of pharmacological purpose. In major parts of the United States, the use of meth has been on a rapid rise. If there are no proper steps taken by the drug control department to control the use of meth users, it starts becoming a serious threat to the lives of human beings.

Why there is being a rapid rise in meth users?

In most parts of the world today, there has been a rapid rise in meth user. This rise among the most of the people is for various reasons. If there's not proper control taken to control this rise, it starts becoming a social problem. Let us see some of the reasons why there has been a rapid rise in meth users around the world today.

People make use of the drug mainly for the purpose of recreational purpose. Especially people who use this drug are the teens of today. Without knowing the seriousness of the drug, the teens of today use this drug in their daily life.

Actually the drug was developed for clinical purpose, but most of the people started using it without limit.

More and number of people take this drug to relax them when there are in a state of depression; this is also one of the reasons.

There are few people who make use of this drug to get into an unconscious state, by in taking it too much.

People at workplace use this drug to get rid of their emotion, pressure and temper etc.

Sports people use this drug to stay active and be highly energetic

To give over pleasure to their partner when make sex few people use of this drug.

Effects of rise in meth

When taking the drug for the first time, the user may stay overwhelming happiness. If there is too much use of the drug, it can lead to HIV in an user. So the individual using the drug must be very careful when making use of it.

If the person is addicted use of meth, there may be less in meth and weight loss can be more and more extreme.

Few people may suffer from confusion, difficulty in sleeping and may get disturbed by unwanted dreams.

If the use of the drug is longer, the effects may get severe and may also be more adverse.

How to control the rise in Meth

The rise of meth users can only be controlled by putting a strong legal order to make a purchase of the drug and procedure to use the drug should be standardized and limited. Individuals should be given the right to make purchases of the drug only if they have a valid prescription from the doctor. The use of the drug should be limited only for medical purposes and should not be given right for other purpose. If given right, it should be in a limited format only, like only this much amount of drug can be given to an individual for a particular period. People using this drug illegally should be charged and strong legal actions should be taken. Drugs are meant only for the purpose of staying away from deadly effects.

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