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Article Summary

The Health Risks Of Crystal Meth

When someone does crystal meth, they have a high risk of becoming addicted and can experience many health risks as well. The health risks of crystal meth can be very dangerous, and a lot of times deadly if a person does not seek help right away. There are a few different ways that crystal meth can be done, it is based on personal preference. Many people inject the street drug into their veins, and that gives a high risk for blood borne diseases. Hepatitis B and C are very common when sharing needles with another person. HIV and AIDS are also commonly caught by injecting crystal meth.

Meth is highly addictive, and it only takes one time for someone to get hooked on it. That is why it is very important to seek help for someone that is noticeably using the drug, or has said they have used it recently. Meth severely impacts a person's judgment and they may not realize the harm and danger they are causing to their body. Many people that struggle with crystal meth addiction have unprotected sex, violence or aggression problems, and also put others at risk in many situations.

Risks of Overdose

One of the biggest health risks of crystal meth is that there is a high chance at overdosing. Even with a small amount of the drug, there is no telling how much will be enough to cause an overdose. An overdose can cause respiratory problems, circulatory collapse, coma, convulsions, and in the worst case; death. There are also many psychological effects that crystal meth can bring people. Paranoia, anger, depression, and mood swings are all common effects that meth addicts face. Often times, relationships with family and friends are given up, and social interactions are of the negative sort.

Life-Altering Problems

Addiction to crystal meth is very costly and can cause life-altering problems. People that use crystal meth have a higher chance at committing crimes, losing job opportunities, becoming arrested, and also stealing from people that they once cared about. A big health risk that users are taking when they use this drug is that their heart rate can be increased that can cause brain issues. Blood vessels in the brain can be damaged by crystal meth use, and it is irreversible. A lot of users end up having an irregular heartbeat and also can have a bad case of anorexia. Some people even suffer from heart attacks after just using this street drug one time.

Meth Treatment Reduces risks

Treatment for crystal meth can be found all over the place. It is very important to get help if you experience addiction or feel as if you need the substance in order to be happy. A lot of people end up not getting the help they need, and suffer the health risks and other serious conditions that meth can bring. There are many symptoms that can often be seen in a meth addict, such as irritability, confusion, convulsions, anxiety, aggressiveness, hyperthermia, and insomnia.

There are numerous meth addicts that suffer from extreme insomnia and are up for days at a time. Most people that use this drug do not have an appetite, which can cause massive weight loss, anorexia, and other digestive problems as well. People can also suffer strokes from using this drug, because of the damage given to the blood vessels found in the brain. Crystal meth can make people addicted physically, but also psychologically. It is very important to get help for this addiction, because it can severely hurt and destroy lives and families as well. Treatment centers and rehabs are available for crystal meth all over the world, and people are willing to help consult and cure addicts from relapsing.

Meth Mouth

One of the most common ways to tell if someone is doing or has done meth for a long period of time is by their "meth mouth". Meth mouth is a common symptom of someone who is addicted to the drug. This symptom is the degradation of gums and teeth in an user's mouth. The dental health of a crystal meth user becomes unable to repair and it is often hard to understand them when they talk. Denial is also a big part of crystal meth addiction, so it is important to try to get a person help before the health risks have consumed their body and mind.

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