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Article Summary

Why Is Heroin Use So Hard To Stop?

Stopping heroin use can be very difficult for an addict. Heroin has become increasingly popular because it is easy to get and fairly cheap as well. These day's people not only inject it with a needle, but also snort and smoke it. There are a lot of drug dealers that will sell it almost anywhere, and for prices that an addict cannot resist. Even schools and supermarkets have had drug dealers selling heroin right inside their very walls. The younger generation has been known to get hooked on heroin because it is easier to get than a lot of other drugs that are commonly used on the streets.

Heroin is a very powerful drug that has been known to be used as a painkiller for many addicts. It contains codeine and morphine which are both highly addictive opiates. The medical name for heroin is diamorphine. It is commonly used in the United States, but is often brought there from other countries by drug smugglers or tourists. People who become addicted to heroin often lie and steal from their families in order to support their drug habit. Heroin can cause problems for not only the addict, but also people associated with them. It has been known to tear families apart.

The Methods Used To Use Heroin:

This drug is not dissolved easily; so many addicts have to use a spoon and water to help make it into liquid form. Flame from a lighter is often used to melt the drug down to be able to inject or smoke it easier. Addicts can inject the drug into a vein or into muscle. Some people prefer to inject it under their skin, which many call it "skin popping". There are scars and diseases that can occur from using this method. Many addicts wear long sleeved clothing to hide their scars from the public eye, and others are so high that they don't remember to. Diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis can all be contracted from the use of needles that are shared between users. This method can lead to death and horrible health concerns for both the addict and others. Injecting the heroin can cause a big concern for overdose because it comes so quickly into the bloodstream and there is no way of telling how much has been ingested. This drug also slows down the human heart rate, which in many cases can be fatal to users.

Heroin is also smoked by a lot of users. Many users call it "chasing the dragon". The method is done by heating up the heroin powder on a piece of foil and using a tiny tube to inhale the fumes. Addicts enjoy this method because the high can be felt almost immediately. Another common method that heroin users use is by snorting. Snorters often sniff the heroin powder up into their nose, much like cocaine addicts do. A good way to tell if a person is using snort able drugs is by the constant sniffing that occurs after use.

Stopping Heroin Use with Treatment:

Many people that use heroin feel as if they have nothing to live for and often find the drug attractive. It gives an euphoric feeling that is a rush to addicts. It is a difficult drug to quit and can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms if done too quickly. Treatment and rehab facilities often use medications and therapy to help a person detox their way off this drug. The hardest part of stopping heroin use is getting an addict to agree to have treatment. Many addicts are secretive and have mood swings, different sleeping patterns, diarrhea, constipation, or needles in their home or purses.

It is very important to stay calm when talking to an addict about their substance abuse problem. It is also important that the person knows that they can trust who they are talking to and that they shouldn't be ashamed to ask for help. Treatment options and rehab clinics can be found in many areas of the world, and professionals are waiting there to help in anyway they can to reduce the use of drugs in the world today. Heroin use can be very hard to stop, but it is possible with help from trained professionals and medical treatment.

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