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Article Summary

Statistics on Children and Alcohol

  • Alcohol is the #1 drug of choice for children and adolescents. 1
  • Before the age of 18, approximately one in four children is exposed to family alcoholism or addiction, or alcohol abuse.2
  • Children of alcoholics are significantly more likely to initiate drinking during adolescence and to develop alcohol use disorders.3
  • Parents' drinking behaviors and favorable attitudes about drinking have been associated with adolescents' initiating and continuing drinking.4,5,6
  • Research studies indicate that children are less likely to drink when their parents are involved with them and when they and their parents report feeling close to each other.4,7
  • Adolescents drink less and have fewer alcohol-related problems when their parents discipline them consistently and set clear expectations.4
  • Any drinking during pregnancy presents a risk to the fetus.8
  • Older siblings' alcohol use can influence the alcohol use of younger siblings in the family, particularly for same sex siblings.9


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