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Article Summary

The Basics Of Saliva Drug Testing


The efforts of drug testing industries have managed to make homes and work places safer. This is because the saliva drug testing has been fully embraced and is being widely used. In fact, this drug testing process has proven to be the best way to detect recent drug abuse taking into consideration that saliva serves as an oral fluid that is able to hold traces of most common drugs and their metabolites for a couple of days after intake. What's more the whole process is characteristic of simplicity, easiness and comfort is guaranteed throughout as the tests are carried out.

The process of saliva drug testing

The sole aim of the saliva drug testing process is to check for any drug presence in the saliva as a result of any substance abuse during the past few hours [usually 24 hours]. Below is a summary of the whole process.

1. First of all, a swab is placed in between the lower check and the gums for a couple of minutes.

2. Using the saliva samples drawn from the mouth, Immunoassays are used to help in detecting the presence of any drugs.

3. The saliva sample drawn from the mouth is then subjected to the actual test from which:

In case the level of the drug present in the sample is below the cut off for concentration, the binding sites of specific ant bodies end up not being saturated. This automatically triggers a reaction between the drug - protein conjugate and as a result the saliva test kit will show a visible colored line.

In case the drug level present in the saliva sample is way above the cut off level [the opposite occurs], antibodies tend to get saturated and no colored line is formed.

4. From the above tests carried out on the saliva sample: An occurrence of a colored line signifies no drug abuse where as the absence of colored line indicates drug abuse.

Note: the best thing about the saliva drug testing is the fact that has made the implementation of random drug testing in places of work, associations, learning institutions, hospitals and even sports agencies possible. What's more, the process can be used to detect the presence of CNS stimulants [i.e. crack or cocaine], opiates [i.e. heroin and morphine], benzodiazepines, methamphetamines, phencyclidines and even amphetamines right from the moment of use up to three after being used. Also the saliva test is able to detect cannabis from a hour after being used for up to twenty - four hours after.

Benefits of using the saliva drug test as a tool for fighting drug abuse

1. The process is very simply, convenient and discreet: using simple test packages, you will be able to collect saliva samples even in public. What's more drug tests can easily be carried out and results acquired without necessarily having to work in a laboratory.

2. The test is ideal and characteristic of a quick drug detection time: the saliva drug test serves as a guarantee to discover/ detect drug use in the last 24 hours over a couple of minutes. Apart from this, the interpretation of outcomes is very easy and does not require any special skills.

3. The test is very affordable: Unlike many other tests that need to be done in a laboratory, you simply need to purchase a saliva drug test kit. This process therefore serves as the best way to ensure the security of the work place without necessarily breaking the budget.

4. High level of accuracy: the saliva drug testing process cannot be manipulated easily. What's more the fact that saliva sample collection is done under direction the probability of adulteration is almost none.

5. The process allows for the checking of multiple drugs: Saliva drug test kits can be used to test for multiple drugs in the process automatically detecting abnormal / elevated levels of multiple illegal drugs in the human oral fluid.

Drugs that can be detected through saliva drug testing

As already mentioned the saliva drug testing can be used to detect the presence of multiple drugs. The following is a brief summary of the drugs that can be detected through the saliva testing process. They include: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, benzodiazepines and phencyclidine etc.

Details of drug detection period according to saliva drug test

Apart from being able to detect the most recent drug abuse activity, the saliva drug testing process can also be used to detect for the presence of drugs taken a couple of hours prior to or immediately before the actual test. In fact the test is able to detect the presence of any drug presence for close to 24 hours. It even gets better as drugs such as PCP and methamphetamine can be detected by the process for up to 3 days.

Bottom line

Although saliva drug testing is not able to serve as a comprehensive drug test to reveal more about long term drug habits, it has proven to be extremely effective in finding out whether one has taken any drugs during the last 24 hours

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