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Article Summary

What Kind Of Oxycodone Drug Testing Is Available?

There are numerous people in the world today that abuse the prescription drug Oxycodone. This drug is prescribed to people that are experiencing moderate to severe pain. A lot of people use it for legitimate reasons, but it is also highly addictive and abused. When Oxycodone is incorrectly used, it gives off a heroin-like feeling and is known as an opiate drug. It is classified as a synthetic drug and can be very appealing to an addict. People who are interested in having an Oxycodone drug test done will have to get one that is made to detect the prescription drug itself. The only drug tests that can work with Oxycodone use are ones that have the ability to see the lower levels of the residue from using this drug.


Who Should Get An Oxycodone Drug Test?

Many parents that are concerned about if they child or teen is abusing Oxycodone should get an at home drug test. It is very important to get one that says clearly on the label that it can detect Oxycodone. Not all of the home drug tests on the market will be able to see this drug, so it is important to look for one that specifically is used for it. Abusers of this drug often get an at home drug test to ensure that it does not show up in their urine or hair follicles. Some people have to take drug tests for jobs or probation agreements and need to make sure that they will be clean for their next test.

What Kind of Oxycodone Drug Testing Is Available?

There are a few different Oxycodone drug testing options that can detect the use of this medication. The most commonly used test is an urine drug test. It is typically done by urinating in a cup and having a stick detect whether the drug is in the persons body system or not. Some tests require a sample of saliva or a hair follicle to tell if the drug is present. Many employment drug tests use the saliva or urine method drug test to screen their prior or new employees for any type of drugs that could potentially make them a risk to the company or society.

Why is Oxycodone Highly Abused?

Prescription painkillers are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, but especially in the United States. A lot of people go "doctor shopping" at hospitals and doctors offices to keep getting refills of prescription medications to feed their addiction. Oxycodone is fairly easy to get prescribed, but if an addict cannot, than they can buy them off the street for decent prices. There are many people that sell their prescription of this medication to make an income, and that is an addicts dream. Oxycodone is often heard being called Oxy or O.C on the streets. It has also been known to be called Hillbilly Heroin as well. It can give people the effects of heroin, but has a higher availability.

What Treatment Options Are Available For Oxycodone Abuse?

There are different options for Oxycodone addicts when it comes to treatment. People who are addicted to this drug can have treatment that will give them the chance to live freely without having to be dependent on it. People that are addicted to Oxycodone often take more of the drug than is recommended, and also spend a good portion of their time trying to find refills or pills to buy off of the street. They also are known to engage in criminal activities that can be dangerous to their own life and the lives of others as well.

There are many treatment centers and rehab facilities that are more than happy to help Oxycodone addicts recover from the use of the drug. There are medications and therapy methods to help an addict detox from the drug and help them gain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of addicts become dependent on Oxycodone and find it hard to live their daily life without the medication. Treatment centers have professionals available to help people become sober and find reasons to live for besides obtaining their next dose of the drug. Oxycodone is a very powerful narcotic if abused, and can lead to health conditions and overdose if it is not used properly.

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